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SpainGuru’s guide to the Madrid public transportation card, aka “el abono”

If you’re planning on living in Madrid for a long period time, I recommend getting a Madrid public transportation card, called an “abono’ in Spanish. The Madrid metro is really easy to use and will take you all around the city, even the outskirts. So here’s how to get it. What is the Madrid Public Transportation Card? This little red card includes access to the metro, city buses (EMT), and Read More…

Applying for Spanish nationality after marriage: step by step

Clearly if you are reading this you want to know more information on how to apply for Spanish citizenship after you’ve been in Spain for a while. If you are married to a Spaniard and have been living in Spain for at least 1 year, this is the easiest way to apply. There are other avenues, but they are more convoluted and the requirements change over time (this is Spain Read More…