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Types of residency available under Spain’s “Ley de Emprendedores”

New legislation that went into effect in late 2013 means that it’s now easier for highly qualified workers, entrepreneurs and investors to get permission to live and work in Spain. The law is known as the “Ley de Emprendedores” – or the “Entrepreneurs’ law.”

These work permits allow you to live and work in Spain for two years, if you meet the qualifications. If you are a highly-qualified worker with a college degree, you need a job offer that uses relevant to your skills and experience. While it’s not an official requirement, the rule of thumb is that the job should pay at least around 25,000 euros per year. If you’re an entrepreneur or an investor, you need to present your plans and show you have the funds to pull them off. Of course, each case is considered individually.

You need to either apply from your home country, or you can apply from Spain if you are already residing legally in the country (even if you are on a tourist visa).

You can find an English-language overview of the types of residency available under this law at this web site, set up by the Spanish Ministry of the Economy and Competition.

The Spanish immigration office also has a special page for the Ley de Emprendadores, with some more specific information. You can even find a full translation of the entire law in English.

If you’d like to apply, you can make an appointment with the immigration office by emailing If you need assistance, you can try contacting the organization ICEX-Invest in Spain, which is promoting the adoption of the law. Or, ask your question in our public forum, and we’ll do our best to answer your questions.

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