What does my employer need to provide for me to apply for arraigo social?

QuestionsCategory: Work PermitsWhat does my employer need to provide for me to apply for arraigo social?
Anonymous asked 3 years ago

I’m looking into doing Arraigo Social por Cuenta Ajena. The company that is considering hiring me needs to know what is necessary on their end. I know more or less what I need on my end, but I have no clue what the company needs. (They need to see if it’s even possible for them to offer me a contract…)
Any information and/or help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! (I’m in Barcelona by the way.)

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Stacey Taylor answered 3 years ago

I will be posting a blog post next week on Arraigo Social but for now let me do my best to answer your question… The employer if it is a company needs to first – offer you a contract that is good for at least one year and offers you no less than the spanish min wage. Plus it has to be signed by both you and the employer or company. You will have to pay a tasa and so will the employer (or like me: i paid both as to bot be a bother to the employer to have to pay money to hire me). You will also need a copy of the company´s financial capability to employ you….so make sure they are in good financial standing. Normally companies have a gestor with all of these documents on hand…here is the link to the govt check list: http://extranjeros.empleo.gob.es/es/InformacionInteres/InformacionProcedimientos/Ciudadanosnocomunitarios/hoja036/index.html
Good Luck!