Difference between applying for a Spanish work permit and EU Blue Card

QuestionsCategory: Work PermitsDifference between applying for a Spanish work permit and EU Blue Card
obfuscatedgeek asked 3 years ago

I have a job offer from a company in Spain and they are currently in the process of applying for my work permit. They told me that they would apply for the Spanish work permit which got me curious if there is a difference in the process while applying for a Spanish work permit as compared to the EU Blue Card.
Other than the fact that the Spanish work permit wont allow me to work in another EU country after 18 months is there any advantage / disadvantage in obtaining either ?
Is the process to obtain either the same ?
Can I change / transfer my Spanish work permit to EU Blue card sometime in the future ?
Can you also tell me about ‘CONTRATO DE TRABAJO INDEFINIDO’ with regards to the visa process.

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Shaheen S. answered 3 years ago

Hi there, 
That’s a good question! I found this pamphlet with some information online: http://extranjeros.empleo.gob.es/es/informacioninteres/FolletosInformativos/archivos/triptico_tarjeta_azul_eng.pdf
It seems the process to get the blue card is practically the same as the Spanish work permit, with the exception of the requirement that you must make at least 1.5 times the average salary of the country you plan to work in. From what I’ve heard it’s more difficult to get the Blue Card permit than the Spain only permit (and even with the Blue Card you have to work in one country for at least 18 months before you can switch). I will check with the immigration lawyer we work with and try to get some additional information.
Regarding the “CONTRATO DE TRABAJO INDEFINIDO” – that just means it’s a permanent work contract (with no end date). What is your question about that?