How can I apply for a visa modification?

QuestionsCategory: Work PermitsHow can I apply for a visa modification?
Megan asked 3 years ago

I’ve been offered an academy job starting in September and in Sept I’ll complete my 3 years here in Spain as an auxiliar. My NIE doesn’t expire until the end of October, so I have a bit of wiggle room there. The academy is willing to give me a contract for 1 year, but the 30 hour requirement is a bit hard for them…
First question is when can I start applying for the visa change? Second, what can one do to fudge the 30 hour requirement?
Thanks for your help and time!

Megan replied 3 years ago

I may have a family that can help me out, but that’s not 100%.

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Christina Samson answered 3 years ago

Hi Megan, as long as the contract itself says “jornada completa” and it’s for 12 months, and as long as it’s over the minimum wage- then it should be ok. Minimum wage amounts here: for 12 payments, it should be over 532,51 euros/monthNote that your academy should be able to provide financial statements for the previous years to show they are financially sound, you can see the information here: said by the above link, you can submit the application paperwork within the 90 days BEFORE you reach your 3-year anniversary.We are having another SpainGuru event on May 28th if you would like to come and learn more information!

Megan replied 3 years ago

I’d love to, but I live in Galicia. So I don’t have to have a contract for 30 hours a week? She’s willing to give me the year long contract, but the 30 hours is what I’m worried about.

Christina Samson answered 3 years ago

The contract has to be for full-time, 40 hours. Whether or not they actually check if you are working 30 or 40 hours is a different story.. 😉

Megan replied 3 years ago

So, the academy doesn’t feel comfortable giving me a contract that says jornada completa, but I have a family that is willing to help me. Could you please explain the steps for all of this? My 3 years is Sept 19th and I’ll be going home for a month starting June 11th so I’d like to get as much finished as I possibly can. Thank you so much!Megan

Christina Samson replied 3 years ago

Hi Megan, I’m going to be traveling for a few weeks, but hopefully by the end of May I will happily put up a blog post detailing all the steps necessary. You are also welcome to come to our next event where an immigration lawyer will be on the panel: