Can I apply for pareja de hecho if my Spanish partner is unemployed?

QuestionsCategory: Civil UnionsCan I apply for pareja de hecho if my Spanish partner is unemployed?
Anonymous asked 3 years ago

I’m applying for a pareja de hecho but my partner gets paid under the table and doesn’t use a bank account.  We have also been living together for a year and a half but aren’t empadronado at the same place.  Have you heard of anyone having problems with these things?  Thank you!!

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Shaheen S. answered 3 years ago

Hi there! I apologize for the delay, this question stumped me and it took me awhile to find the answer. At any rate, I came across someone in our Facebook group who was in a similar situation and was able to get it resolved. 
“I just went through the pareja de hecho process and my boyfriend is also unemployed. They didn’t require any work contract from him (though they did look at my pre-work contract). They asked him for a bank certificate of his account signed and stamped from his bank. they also said he has to have something like a minimum of 8,800 euros.”
In short, he might need to open a bank account and put some money in there, at least temporarily. 
As far as not being empadronado in the same place, I have heard of several people who managed to get pareja de hecho despite that.  You apparently need to have two witnesses vouch that you did actually live together even though you weren’t empadronado. 
I hope that information is helpful!