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Marjorie asked 3 years ago

I am in the process of applying for a long-term non-lucrative visa with the Spanish Consulate in San Francisco, CA
They require proof of international health insurance .  Do you think I should get it before my August 10 appointment?  Can you recommend a good company with reasonably priced premiums?
I’m retired and have local medical insurance through my ex-employer which I can change to international when I move..I don’t want to give up the local insurance before I have to.

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rcc answered 3 years ago

Perhaps your current health insurance has international coverage.
Some people have recommended Sanitas to me. But there are others like Cigna, Mapfre, etc. Cigna is particularly friendly to internationals.

Marjorie replied 3 years ago

Thanks for the info. I do have world wide insurance once I move but not before I go the the consulate in August. They request proof of international health insurance at that time. I’ll figure something out after checking with the companies you mentioned.

Shaheen S. replied 2 years ago

In my case, I just showed proof of my local health coverage which said that it would cover international coverage up to XX amount, which was more than the amount required by the consulate. Sorry for chiming in on this so late!

Shaheen S. replied 2 years ago

My point being, it doesn´t have to necessarily be an “international” health plan, your local US plan likely has some international coverage that would be sufficient to meet the requirement. At least at the Chicago consulate they were not to nitpicky about this.