Switching Auxiliar Programs (Ministry to Beda)

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Soliel asked 6 months ago

Hello! I was wondering if I can change programs, from the ministry to beda, without having to go home to my home country. I’ve been getting mixed answers regarding this. I read that my visa has to be linked to Beda but won’t it be when I submit all the documents that I need? 
I’d really like to avoid going home. 

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Shaheen S. answered 5 months ago

Hi there, you can renew your student NIE from Spain as long as the program you are renewing it is a similar type of studies to the program you did the prior year.  In the governments eyes, both are auxiliar programs and therefore they usually *would* approve the renewal.  However, Beda’s policy is to advise against this. I imagine it’s because there is a small chance that the renewal is denied and they don’t want to deal with that complication. They would rather you just go home and get a new visa. That said, you could ignore their advice and apply for the renewal anyway. There’s a pretty high chance it would be approved. But, if it’s not for some reason you would then need to go back to your home country and reapply at the consulate. (There is also an appeals process you could try, but it could be a waste of time).