How do I apply for a student visa for two back-to-back programs?

QuestionsCategory: Student PermitsHow do I apply for a student visa for two back-to-back programs?
Anonymous asked 3 years ago

I have a unique situation and I thought you might be able to give me some insight.I studied abroad last fall in Spain. I have applied to 3 teaching programs in Spain:
1. Meddeas (I have received an email saying that there will be a vacancy for me to teach with their program, but specifics, such as the city, I will not know until mid-April).
2. Auxiliares de Conversación through the Spanish government (I am at the “admitida” step and my application is number 15 to be submitted).
3. CIEE (I have put down a deposit so that I have a spot if I am not happy with the placement with Meddeas or the Spanish government).
These programs all start in either September or October.
I visited Spain over my spring break and I was offered an au-pair job this summer (June-Aug/Sep). An au-pair works on a student visa and is thus enrolled in classes 20 hrs/week. Some times au pairs just work for 90 days or less to avoid the visa issue.
Here is my dilemma:
In order for me to take this au-pair job, I need to submit by visa application by mid-April at the latest. I would be able to get all the required documentation to submit by this time. However, I presume the Consulate would grant me either a 90-day type D student visa or 180-day type D student visa.
I was given an NIE number with my visa from last semester (is this still valid?) that I would use to acquire my TIE. However, TIE’s would only be given on a 90-day student visa, correct? Not 180? For the student visa application, it also states that if you will be staying longer than 180 days, you will need a criminal background check and medical certificate.
With the visa application I am currently working on, my studies would be from June-September, which is not longer than 180 days. However, with the start of my teaching program in September or October, I would be in Spain for more than 180 days. If I were to receive a TIE, do I need the background check and medical certificate to make my visa valid? Or does the TIE more or less trump the visa?
I am mostly concerned about how to take this au-pair job under a student visa and then also have the legal documentation to stay for the teaching program. I would like to be able to remain in Spain the entire time, without having to fly back to the USA to reapply for another visa — in fact, I wouldn’t have time to do this.
Do you know of how I can make this work? Are there visa extensions and if so, could I qualify? I have been talking to the embassy a bit, but they haven’t said too much. I feel as though I’m not the only person who has tried to work before a teaching program started. Is it possible to travel as a tourist and come back in September  to get my visa? I was talking to some one who said to justo start the visa application for the teaching  program in May or June, then come back to get my visa in September. …but I need my passport to travel even as a tourist, so how would this work?
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Could I get a certified copy of my passport and travel as a tourist with that?
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Shaheen S. answered 3 years ago

As you said, with Meddeas you will get your paperwork in April, and with the ministry program usually you’d get notification of your placement by May.  So, I think the easiest thing for you to do would be to apply for the student visa for both the ministry program and the aupair program at the same time, requesting an entry date of June and lasting until the end of the auxiliar program. Which consulate will you applying from? When I first came to Spain on a student visa I applied from the Chicago consulate and used an agency called Travisa, which allowed me to expedite the visa processing. My student visa was ready in two weeks. Otherwise, a non expedited visa usually takes about a month. In either case, if you set up your visa appointment in advance and have all your documents ready you should have time to apply for one visa for both programs. Good luck!