Where to get fingerprints?

QuestionsWhere to get fingerprints?
Graham asked 3 years ago

so in the FBI background check post, there was mention of a policía científica where fingerprints could be done on request. Could you point me to where I could find a directory of those places? I know I can do them my selves, but the last time it took the woman about an hour to do them properly. I guess because I have very light prints (working in the kitchen will do that to you).
Additionally, this is almost certainly a “no” but would it be possible to send a old card to my state office or the FBI that already has the clearance stamps on it? After all, my fringerprints shouldn’t change, right? (Somewhere the inventor of legal bureaucracy is laughing at me)

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Shaheen S. answered 3 years ago

Hi Graham, Unfortunately there is no master list of all policia cientifica. Which city are you in? I believe there is usually just one in each city. So just google the name of your city and the term “policia cientifica.” If that doesn’t work you could ask at your nearest police station or call your municipal information line! 
About the old fingerprint card, there is a high chance it could work. Is there a date on it? What do you mean by clearance stamps? The FBI does not typically send the card back to you, so just wondering who stamped it. If you are using a channeling agency you might ask them about it!
Sorry that this answer isn’t that helpful!