My non lucrative Spain visa approval process at Los Angeles consulate

Los Angeles Consulate non lucrative Spain visa – Appointment: Feb 1, 2022

Hello all! I just want to share our experience at the Los Angeles Consulate in our non lucrative Spain visa appointment (it was today at 9:00am) and some things to consider that may/may not be on their website.

  1. They asked us for a notarized “Carta de intención” or Intention/purpose letter. Is not on their website yet they did ask it. Thanks to the videos of Everything is Boffo we decided to do it. Thanks!!
  2. They accepted the letter from our digital bank and the last 3 bank statements only + translations. We did bring 12months but only needed 3.
  3. We submitted the income tax (no translation needed) they were ok with just the main 2 pages up to the signatures and again no translation needed (we also had it)
  4. The 2022 tasa/fee when we called they said it as $140+$12 instead of last year $140+$13. It seemed odd so we took the money orders for $153 (one MO for the entire amount for each of us), they did not mind at all or said anything. So just take the additional $1 the more the merrier. We checked and they were cashed on 02/03/2022.
  5. My appointment was at 9 and my husband’s at 9:30 yet she sat us together and processed both together which was easier.
  6. Organize all papers in the same order they have it that’s how they will ask for them. Really helpful.
  7. Our insurance was dated with effective date March 1 and our plans are to travel (hopefully) by end of March. So insurance was not the date of the appointment.
  8. She gave us back the original FBI records+apostille+translation same for the Medical Records and Marriage Certificate all stamped by them and said we will need them in Spain. (“If you need sworn translation services here are Spainguru’s recommended sworn translators“)
  9. There was also a receipt on the front with a number. I think one can check the status on the Spain’s extranjeria website where you get the letter for the TIE. Have not tried it but I will. 02/07 Update: I tried it but the receipt number does not match the expediente 15-digit number. Bummer!
  10. She said the response could take from 6 to 12 weeks I was surprised by the time frame as I have never seen those processing times. We will see and keep you posted. Hopefully is not and if someone has gone through the Los Angeles consulate on this process this year let us know your timeframe.

Thanks and best of luck in all of your processes! They are filled with roller coaster’s kind of emotions!

Blog post written by Paola S. Ferrer