Can I get refunded for Spanish health insurance if I get turned down for a non lucrative Spain visa?


Does anyone know if we sign up for Spanish health insurance but then are turned down for our non lucrative Spain visa can we get a refund on the insurance? Also, do brokers charge for their services?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“I think it depends on the carrier but I was told yes if I can show I was denied they will refund”

“Sanitas advised yes, they’d refund if the visa was denied. Note that if the policy started in April and visas were denied in May the refund would be for June forward.”

“Like they said + if the insurance hasn’t been used and it’s no more than 30 days since the start date.”

“We had insurance with Adeslas and were denied our visa after 5 months of waiting for a resolution. Contacted the agent we bought it through and initially the company wanted to refund us for the 7 months left on the plan (full year) because the 5 months had already passed. We filed an appeal (sent an email explaining, included the denials from the administration) and they ended up giving us our money back for the entire plan. Took about a month total from start to finish but was worth the $1,500 we spent!”

“Most agents will obtain a refund in such case”

“Here’s Spainguru’s recommended Health insurances. Adeslas expats is a fully compliant health insurance that offers refund in case of non lucrative Spain visa rejection:

In conclusion, according to Spainguru’s Facebook group members, the question of whether one can get a refund on Spanish health insurance if their non lucrative Spain visa is denied has received various responses. It appears that the possibility of a refund depends on the specific insurance carrier and the circumstances. Some members shared their experiences, indicating that refunds may be granted if the visa is denied, provided certain conditions are met, such as not having used the insurance and staying within a certain timeframe since the policy’s start date. Additionally, some brokers may assist in obtaining a refund in such cases. It is advisable for individuals seeking Spanish health insurance to inquire with their chosen carrier and broker for detailed information on their refund policies.