How can I get documentation proving that I am single for a civil union in Spain?


I’m trying to provide some assistance to my son, who recently moved to Spain to be with his girlfriend. He is trying to do a civil union in Spain with his girlfriend who is Spanish. As part of the process, I guess they are asking him to provide documentation that confirms he is single (assuming from the US since there is where he was living previously).

Perhaps this kind of documentation is provided in Spain but I’m not familiar with any similar type of documentation in the US. Does any one in the forum have experience with trying to do a civil union and getting the necessary paperwork? He filed his taxes this year as a single person so maybe that would suffice? 


These are the answers of some Facebook group members: There is a form you can get filled out provided by the US Consulate. I don’t believe it requires an appointment to get post pandemic (but did pre-pandemic when I got married civily in Spain).”

“I did mine in Murcia and we just had to sign an affidavit. No attorney needed. We just followed instructions online. Some provinces are simpler than others.”

“If you get married in Gibraltar they ask you just to declare you’re single and have never been married. Very easy. If you’re divorced then you can provide your divorce certificate. lot’s of people get married in Gibraltar because it’s easier than in Spain!”

“I got married in Madrid last year. I made an appointment at the US Consulate for the document and went and got it and paid at the embassy with credit card”

“Had a civil union in the USA and then a catholic wedding in Spain…”