What are the documents needed to present for those who arrive to Spain on a tourist visa?


I’m an American coming to Spain next week as a tourist. I’m confused as to the documents that I need to enter as I’m not getting a visa beforehand. It says I need proof of accommodation throughout my stay (3 months) but I only have the first month booked because I don’t know which city I’ll visit next.

Also they say I need a return flight. Does anyone know if these things are true? I don’t want to book all my accommodations right now so I can be flexible.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“I frequent Spain as a tourist and am always asked about accommodations. I just give the first place I’m staying (Airbnb) although I move around. I’ve also been asked about a return ticket. I just reply that I am only staying 9090-days and don’t know what my return city will be. They seem satisfied with my answers and it’s never been a problem”

“It completely depends on the passport control agent you deal with. Some will simply ask your reason for visiting, stamp your passport and wish you a good day. Others will go by the book- accommodations, return flight, etc. I think you’ll be fine with one month booked and plans to move on but the return flight could be a firm requirement. You could book it just before leaving the US as you can cancel within 24 hours without being charged.”

“We just flew into Madrid. No problems. I believe I had to list only my first city, not even a particular address, when I got the QR covid code. And not even sure you still need that. US Citizens do not need a visa if 90 days or less. Also, my airline had a “Travel Ready” section that walked me thru most everything. Have fun!”

“All you need is a passport that doesn’t expire within 3 months of your return. They won’t ask you for proof of a return flight. In the rare case they ask you where you’re staying just give them the address of where you are going first.”

“Technically that stamp you get in your passport upon entry to the Schengen Zone is a 90 day tourist visa. That’s all you need to stay up to 90 days in the 26 or so countries and territories.”

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