Applying for our non lucrative Spain visa at Boston’s Spanish consulate

Boston Consulate – non lucrative Spain visa

2 adults, mid 30s, applying for the non lucrative Spain visa together as a pair (but not married)

  • Working ‘freelance’ (exact word we used) but stated in our letter of intent that we were taking time off for a sabbatical and had savings in the bank
    • When asked about this at our appointment, the woman had no concerns about either of us working freelance, just in what arena we worked (HR and Writing)
  • Translation support – Alba Fernández – Alba was incredibly valuable. She turned our documents around for significantly cheaper than other quotes, and under a a very tight deadline. We wouldn’t have succeeded without her.
  • International Health Insurance Support – Carlos – (You can contact him here) and he was VERY helpful and was free!

Documents (in no particular order) – one set for each person

  • Supplement Form (original, downloaded from the consulate website) (x2)
  • Color copy of passport picture page only (x2)
  • Color copy front and back state drivers license (x2)
  • Color copy of Form: Modelo 790 Codigo 52 (x2)
  • Joint bank account summary letter in English (2x) and certified translation (x2) – $55k+ USD in account
  • 401k statement in English (2x)
  • State criminal background check with Apostille (2x) and certified translation (2x)
  • Medical Certificate of Good Health/ Médico de Buena Salud downloadable form (2x)(Get your Medical Certificate to apply in any Spanish consulate (US, UK, etc) for any Spanish Visa! Certificate issued by registered Spanish Doctor, that doens’t need translation nor apostille. 100% online.)
  • Doctor letter of good health with embossed stamp and doctor ID number (2x)
  • National Visa Application Form (DOUBLE SIDED IN COLOR) 2x
  • 2 passport photos
  • Notarized Letter of intent (2x) and certified translation (2x) – Note: we wrote ours together so we both had signed the letter
  • Proof of international medical insurance (2x) – only the documents the provider provided
  • Form EX-01 – Solicitud de autorización de residencia temporal no lucrativa (2x in COLOR)
  • Application for National Visa (2x)
  • Non-refundable visa processing fee of $140 USD per person (one cashiers check for each of us)
  • Non-refundable M790 C052 form fee of $12 USD per person (one cashiers check for each of us)
  • Letter declaring we would not work in Spain (because of Visa type) notarized (x2) and certified translation) – We’re still unsure if this was necessary or if it could have been combined with the letter of intent

Arrived 30 minutes early and were let in early by the office building security. We checked in with the consulate desk and waited for a bit. When we were called to the desk they wanted the paperwork in a completely different order than the checklist. Took about 20 minutes to sort the paperwork, they took it back and we waited in case they had any issues. Waiting an hour, got called back to a conference room because of issues with our paperwork (we had extra copies of things, some extra untranslated bank statements, the 401k statement, etc.) and the woman helping us out (Estela) was frustrated by the extra paperwork and just gave it back to us. She asked us a few questions, if we wanted to be submitted as a pair, about our working situation, if we were married or just dating (long term relationship, not married), etc. After about 45 minutes with her, she made a few extra copies, stapled some things together, took our cashiers checks and came back with our paperwork and receipt of payment.

She asked for additional information on my proof of good health form (which I later submitted through the general Consulate email address and received no confirmation it was received/processed).

Estela informed us of the online portal to check the status of our visa application. Once we got home and checked, it said pending. We got a call 6 weeks after our appointment and they left a message asking us for our ideal date of departure (even though we’d told them 10 times and written it down). We tried to call back, but you can’t get a person on the phone and they don’t take voicemails. Emailed them 4 or 5 times over 2 weeks sharing our date and asking for confirmation. We received notification of approval via email from Estela and telling us to pick up our passports. All told, almost 8 weeks exactly after our initial appointment.

We’re going down this week to pick up the passports! YAY! (July 19th 2022)

Wanted to share the experience – happy to share more details if helpful!

Author: Jes Osrow, Co-Founder and DEI Expert of