Is it necessary to have a NIE number to rent an apartment in Spain? (EU Citizen)


For an EU citizen, Is it necessary to have a NIE number in order to rent an apartment in Spain?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“No…proof of ability to pay rent and a history of being a good renter is more important. Good luck.”

“As a landlord, I insisted that my tenants had a NIE. With one mentioned in the contract, you get a handsome tax advantage — I think it was 40% of the income tax-free — because you are providing someone with a home.
So, if the landlord isn’t asking for a NIE, I’d wonder if they are declaring the rental for tax. And if not, how precarious does that make your situation? But it is technically possible for you to rent without a NIE.”

“I think it isnt legal to require it but from experience most do.”

“No, not to rent an apartment but you do need it if you live and work here. The most important part is having Spanish payslips.”

“I am pleased to see that the myth is finally dying. In 2015, many people in this group and elsewhere—including realtors—told me that it was impossible o rent without NIE or DNI. And then I did it.”