Is a letter of interest from a Spanish client attached to my business plan mandatory when I apply for a Spanish freelance visa (autónomo)?


For those of you on a Spanish freelance visa (Autónomo)…did you have a “letter of interest” from a Spanish client attached to your business plan?
I’ve heard some people have this and some don’t, but my lawyer was saying it was necessary so I’m not totally sure!


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“You must show yr business Will have ties with Spain, so declared intent from Spanish clients is one way to meet that requisite.”

“I believe a strong marketing plan can help as well, and demonstration that you are targeting Spanish clients on social media.”

“We submitted our business plan and the lawyer we hired at first never told about that. We have been waiting for a positive recomedantion in our plan for over 7 weeks and our very ineffective and inefficient lawyer didn’t ever do follow up, so we contacted one attorney from a different place for an opinion and she told us we should include that kind a letter to our plan.”

“Check out this Spainguru Blog post on Arraigo laboral por cuenta propia (Autónomo) and other kinds of arraigo”

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