Is it a disadvantage to apply to a Spanish non lucrative Spain visa if you’re under 40?

Question about non lucrative Spain visa

Do you think that it might be a disavantage to apply to non lucrative Spain visa if you’re under 40? (I’m 30 and my partner is 37) Any success stories?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“My brother, my husband, and I are all here on NLVs, all under 40. Age isn’t a factor in the approval process. Best of luck!”

“We’re under 40 with three young kids and nothing was mentioned about our age. As long as you can show you have the finances through savings or passive income it’s fine. They just want to see that you won’t need to work while in Spain”

“As long as you can convince them and prove without any doubt that you can afford the Iprem x 5 you should be fine. Be compelling during your appointment if they ever ask you how you can support yourself. Applied at age 40 and 41 at the LA consulate.”

“When we applied for ours we was 28 and 29 married with 2 kids and we got accepted straight away no questions asked. We had money in a savings account and hadn’t touched it so they didn’t need to question anything”

“40yrs old, just arrived in Valenca on NLV. Had to show 2yrs bank statements, and 3yrs tax history, resignation letter etc etc etc”

“If not, Spain is going to offer a Digital Nomad Visa.”

“yeah, my boyfriend just got his and he’s 27.”

“I’m on one. Was 32 when it was first issued.”

“Depends on resources not age”

“But I’ve been reading that for a couple consulates they want proof you are quitting your job. So if you are in a job where you could do it remotely or otherwise, they may need proof u r quitting.”

“I think as long as you show you have the money plus meet all the other requirements, they don’t really care. I’m under 40 and had no issues that I know of. They were mainly interested in seeing the money.”

“You will have to provide a strong proof that you are NOT going to work”

“I am 39 and in the process. Only finances matter. If you meet the financial requirements then you are good. But cannot work the first year only passive income.”

The answers from Spainguru’s Facebook group members suggest that age is not a factor in the approval process for the non lucrative Spain visa (NLV) in Spain. However, applicants must be able to show proof of financial stability through savings or passive income, and may need to provide bank statements, tax history, resignation letter, and other financial documentation to prove that they will not need to work while in Spain. Some consulates may also require proof of quitting a job, but as long as the financial requirements are met, age should not be a factor in the approval process. The main focus is on financial stability, and not working during the first year is a requirement.

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