Is it possible to enter Spain on either a digital nomad visa Spain or non lucrative Spain visa and then travel abroad?


Timing question for our first entry into Spain on either a digital nomad visa Spain or non lucrative Spain visa. Assuming we get our visas approved with our 90 days falling somewhere between July/Aug/Sept ? and I want to be able to drop our daughter off for her first year at university in the Netherlands and get her set up, is it possible for me to enter Spain, then go to Netherlands in late August for a week or so if I don’t yet have my TIE? Or will I need to do the NL bit before entering Spain for the first time and then stick around until I get my TIE?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“The 90 days allows all the travel you want during that time plus no stamps or issue going here to Netherlands anyway. So you can come here and then go there no issue.”

“Provided you are travelling within Schengenland, you’re fine.
If you need to leave Schengen, then be careful with your 90 day travel dates and the dates on your visa. Let’s say your visa is valid for 3 months (it should be 12, but some consulates make it 3 and I’ve even heard of 1) then your time in Schengenland is that number PLUS 90 days, ie 6 months. That should be long enough to get your TIE, after which you can safely forget about 90/180.”

“The only comment is that August is not a good month to arrive as many offices and services are closed. However, you can always book your appointment for September”

“As long as you are within the 90 days, you can move around, no problem at all.”

In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, it appears that the timing question regarding entry into Spain on a digital nomad or non-lucrative visa is relatively flexible. Travel within the Schengen area during the initial 90 days of your visa is generally allowed. However, it’s important to be mindful of the expiration date on your visa and ensure it covers the entirety of your stay, as some consulates issue visas for shorter durations. Additionally, while August may not be the most convenient month due to office closures, booking appointments for September can be a viable option. Overall, staying within the 90-day limit and managing your visa dates carefully should allow you to navigate your travels smoothly.