What Visa do I need as a British citizen to retire in Spain with my Danish spouse?


I’m very lucky I’ve a Danish wife, we both want to retire in Spain. How easy and what Visa do we both need? I’m British.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“No Visa. Once arrived she will need to register as a resident and then you can apply as a non EU family member for a card as well. You’ll have to meet the criteria (funds or a job, health cover, padron etc) then make an appointment with the correct police in your area. The station allowed is based on where you live. Then your application is through foreigners office.”

“We did it last year. My husband is Irish. He registered as a resident and then I get a TIE card for 5 years off the back, off his residency. I Needed 7k in the bank, if I remember correctly. Health insurance with no copayments paid upfront for the first year. Book your appointment at the nearest police to you who deals with residencies as soon as you can after arriving and that’s it. We still had to drive an hour or so for my appointment. Be ready for a long wait – it took 6 months for me to get my residency confirmed after first submitting my paperwork.”

“As they are saying, no need for a visa, your wife will have to register as a EU resident first, and then you will need to register as a family of EU citizen”

In conclusion, as a British citizen with a wife from a EU country (Denmark in this case), it is possible to retire to Spain without the need for a visa. The process involves registering as a resident and meeting certain criteria such as having sufficient funds or a job, health cover, and being on the padron. After registering as a resident, the non-EU family member can apply for a TIE card for up to five years. However, it is important to note that the process can take time, with long waiting periods for appointments and confirmation of residency. It is advisable to begin the process as soon as possible after arriving in Spain.