How can I take legal action against a Spanish sworn translator who cheated?


How can I take action against a sworn translator who did wrong job in translating my official documents and also who scanned my personal documents without any permission? Would he be able to do something bad since he has my scanned documents and ID docs? Is there any office for sworn translators in Barcelona where I report the matter?.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”Yes hard to believe but the exam for sworn translators is marked use Google translate.
I’ve just gone to another translator. After having a big argument that Whitehall is the seat of governance for the UK, Not the Whitehouse”

”Chalk it up to experience and move on. Get your docs back and go to a highly recommended translator. Get a receipt. Its not worth potential backlash”

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”Will the bureau care if it’s not a beautiful translation though? If it serves the purpose I’d use it and move on. I won’t risk the time and money now”

”Your money is already out of your pocket and there’s next to zero chance to get it back, after consuming all the time energy and emotions. What’s the risk of trying? Nothing except if you’re in a hurry. And if they really rejected the translation, you’ve started the process already and you won’t be counted as late. And with the rejection you have a good reason to send back to the translator and get him do it again for free. He’s not going to do it based on YOUR opinion but surely he has to if there’s an official rejection”

”First try to resolve it with him. Politely ask for a refund stating your reasons why, and avoid getting into an argument or making threats. Next you can look into denouncing him”

”I highly doubt he would do anything. And if he did, the consequences for him would be huge. You threatened legal action- now follow through. Do a denouncement and ask a gestor to call him demanding a refund. Don’t live in to fear and don’t adopt the victim’s mentality that others will advocate here. If you decide to walk away, then also decide never to regret doing so”

”Maybe you could wait a little bit of time and then later report him anonymously and that way he can’t be sure which client it was”

”There will be something like a Colegio de traductores jurados, which will govern the licensing of these people. You should be aware that these colegios exist primarily to defend those who belong to them, so unless the errors are egregious and the professional conduct in blatant violation of the code of conduct, you are not likely to get very far”

”Maybe just make the corrections and get him to stamp the docs.. no point trying to get a gestor to court, they know the system”

”As a sworn translator myself I think you should simply talk to the translator. In most cases translations can be fixed and if you don’t like the terminology you should consult with him… as he might be addapting it depending on the document and its use”

”You need to contact the OIL (Oficina de Interpretación de Lenguas)

”And check whether his name is on the list of sworn translators. If it’s not, you can start legal action without even contacting the OIL

”I’m not sure that pursuing legal action will be advantageous to you. The amount in question allows you to file in our equivalent of “small claims courts,” but you’ll need to provide evidence that a) a contract was entered into, b) you paid the price for the contract, and c) the contract was completely or partially breached. This takes a bit of finesse. If you hire a lawyer, like someone at my firm, the corresponding legal fees will make it such that a court victory will be a pyrrhic victory. Whatever the case, the fact that the fellow has your IDs, etc., shouldn’t be particularly worrisome. Should they release any of your documents or use them in any untoward way, they’ll have a criminal case on their hands. THEN it’d be worthwhile getting a lawyer involved. Unless this is very important to you, I’d dust myself off, learn a lesson (ALWAYS ask for a receipt), and move on”

In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, if you wish to take legal action against a sworn translator, you can attempt to resolve the issue directly with the translator or report them to the Colegio de Traductores Jurados. It is important to consider the potential advantages and disadvantages of pursuing legal action, including the evidence required and associated costs. Additionally, if the translator misuses your documents, they may face criminal charges. Seeking legal advice and learning from the experience can help you navigate the situation and ensure a smoother process with future translators.