Can I buy several properties to qualify for a Golden visa Spain?


To qualify for a Golden Visa Spain you need to invest €500.000 in property, can it be more than one property?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:


”It can be as many properties as you want. And it can be any type of property: land, parking lot, your house, a rental house, chalet, piso, duplex, apartment, commercial property industrial property, whatever. Just as long as the total amount owned and unencumbered by loans is at least €500k. You can have loans for any amount over that. You’ve just got to spend the €500k cash first. After you buy the property(ies) you will either apply at a consulate outside of Spain and receive an Investor Visa which gives you a year to enter Spain, or you can apply in Spain for a residence permit. That’s good for 3 years now”

”Remember to add +12% to that number for taxes and fees”

”Good point. I think the Spanish Non-lucrative visa is a better option for me.. just because someone could buy a property, I’m not sure one should unless they are really sure they won’t want to move again and really understand the social situation in Spain, political situation, taxes, and everything else… One thing I noticed in places like Barcelona, a lot more crime is happening there. Someone tried to rob me there also…Not sure if Valencia and some other places are going to get worse over the next few years.. Do I really want to own an illiquid asset in a country that may not be stable”

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”Even if one has the cash for this.. is it a good use of money to spend it on the property when you can just get the Spanish non lucrative visa? Some of this money for me is put into a dividend-paying account.Then there is the chance after a year or two I won’t want to even be in Spain.. Selling an illiquid asset is a pain with lots of fees”

”Yes, you can buy more than 1 property.”

In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, to qualify for a Golden Visa Spain, an investment of at least €500,000 in property is required. It can be in the form of multiple properties, and various types of properties are eligible. Additional costs like taxes and fees should be considered. It’s important to carefully evaluate the decision, considering factors like the local situation and long-term plans. The Non-Lucrative Visa (NLV) can be an alternative option worth exploring. Consulting with an immigration expert can provide further guidance.

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