Is there a deadline for autonomo registration after visa approval, and can I delay it until July to avoid tax residency?


Is there a deadline for the autonomo registration from the date the visa was approved? I’m considering slightly delaying autonomo registration to July, so as not to be a tax resident for the year.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”You will be a tax resident if you stay in Spain for more than 180 days within a tax year. How you register to pay your taxes is a different question. You will still be liable for taxes even if you sign up as autónomo in July (and as long as you’ve stayed for more than 180 days)”

”You are already a tax resident as soon as had your visa approved”

”I’m not quite sure this is accurate, legally being in Spain and being issued permission to enter Spain are two separate things”

”As far as I understand it, the 183-day-per-year rule for taxes does not apply once we sign up for autonomo. We are expected to immediately begin paying into the system. Definitely a downside to this visa”

”I suggest you speak with a tax advisor because we have to look at every case in isolation. It depends not only on how much time you have spent in Spain but also if you have family in Spain, if you have other business interests and if your self-employed income is your main income. It’s a question that can’t be answered on Facebook. If you are selling a home or similar, it’s worth paying for a consultation”

”Regarding the deadline, the general rule is one month from the approval and always prior to starting your activity here. But there was also info about 2 months. Even if you delay your registration as an autonomo, at the end of the year you still can be considered a tax resident, so it doesn´t affect you much. Because after approval your sporadic leaves are considered for the overall stay period”

In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, some believe it should be done within one to two months or before starting self-employed activities, while others suggest that tax residency is established upon visa approval. It is recommended to consult a tax advisor for personalized advice as each case may vary.