How many euros are needed at present for a couple, for years 2&3 non lucrative Spain visa renewal in Alicante region?


How many euros are needed at present for a couple, for years 2 and 3 renewal in Alicante region?

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These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”€72k if in savings or £36k if in passive income (pension etc)”

”Depends on the area.”

”We’ve recently asked two different people here who have just renewed, one was asked to show €36000 and one €72000. The €36000 was able to show pensions as an income and the €72000 was savings, so that does make sense I suppose”

”I heard it depends on the area”

”Technically it’s iprem 500%. Which is the one-year amount. Depending on how you show things (you wanna show Spanish and an external bank, unless all funds are in Spain) they can write back and ask to see a second year’s worth”

”If a passive income then about 36000 but of savings you need enough for the 2 years so approximately 72000 in the Bank”

”36 for each person each year”

”In Murcia we have just been asked for double for year 2/3 renewal”

”In cash in bank we needed 72K as a couple”

”In Alicante (as in Almeria) they are accepting only 4xIPREM so not double. I know people will come back and say but such a person was told they needed double (this is the frustrating thing about Spain the inconsistency, we get the same thing at the consulates in the UK) it’s a different story in other areas, Malaga for example (where to my knowledge there are insisting on double). We work with a Lawyer in Almeria (I have no connection to the firm whatsoever) for example who has a 100% record in getting renewals where the applicant has only 4xIPREM. For clarity and because someone mentioned 36K EACH!! the rules are 4xIPREM for the 1st applicant and 1XIPREM for the second. IPREM is 7200€ for 2023, this means a couple is required to show 36,000€ to qualify. The amount can be either income (passive), savings (and investments) or a combination of the two. IN YEAR 2 and 3 (depending on the area) if you need double it is ONLY the savings element that requires double, not pensions. So year 1 if you have a pension of 20K and savings of 16K in year two you would need the same 20K annual pension and 32K in savings (double the 16K)”

In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, the required amount of euros for a couple’s non lucrative Spain visa renewal in the Alicante region can vary based on factors such as income source, and savings/investments. Figures mentioned range from €36,000 for a couple when the funding is from passive income, to €72,000 for a couple if the funding is in cash in a bank. It’s important to consult with an immigration lawyer familiar with the specific region for accurate information and guidance on meeting the renewal requirements.