Can I renew my student visa in Spain or do I need to go back to the US for a new visa? (Auxiliar de conversación)


I’ve been a language assistant for over 10 years here in Madrid. Next year I decided to study a master’s program in a university here in Spain. Can I renew my student visa in Spain while I’m here or do I have to go back to the US and request a new visa?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”10 years? You probably should’ve gotten your citizenship by now! But if there’s a gap and you’re going for a new visa… yes, it’ll have to be from the country of residency”

”You can try switching but I know there are cases where this has been rejected by extranjería depending on where you live. That said, if you’ve been auxing for over 10 years now there is the option for you to do arraigo formación, but you will have to let your visa expire first before you can apply for it. I believe arraigo formación is considered residencia so at least you can accumulate time toward PR and citizenship if your goal is to stay more permanently”

”If you have been a language assistant for ten years without any gaps then you’re eligible for EU residency”

”Well, that depends on where you are from, that’s for Americans”

”You can apply from within Spain for a student visa so no need to go back. But residency sounds like the best-case scenario for you”

In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, if you have been a language assistant in Madrid for over 10 years and want to study a master’s program in Spain, you can renew your student visa from within the country. However, there are alternative options such as arraigo formación for long-term residency, and it’s advisable to consult with an immigration lawyer for guidance. Additionally, after such a long period, you may be eligible for permanent residency, and it’s worth exploring the requirements and procedures for obtaining it.