Move to Spain: A Guide to Spanish residency types

move to spain panish residency types
move to spain panish residency types

Are you planning to move to Spain and you don’t know where to start? Download our comprehensive PDF guide to Spanish residency types and legal pathways, detailing application processes, requirements, and benefits for a smooth transition to life in Spain. Optimize your relocation to Spain with our Ultimate Spain Relocation Checklist, ensuring a smooth and well-organized transition to your new life.

Move to Spain: Spanish residency types

Understanding the Legal Pathway to move to Spain

1.1 Short-Term Visa

  • For stays up to 90 days, a short-term visa is required, outlining the specifics for tourism and business visits.

1.2 Temporary Residence Permit

  • For stays exceeding 90 days, discover the steps to obtain a temporary residence permit, crucial for long-term stays.

1.3 Permanent Residence Permit

  • After five years of continuous and lawful residence, learn how to acquire permanent residency, allowing indefinite stay and work privileges.

1.4 Spanish Citizenship

  • Delve into the procedures to become a Spanish citizen, unlocking the ability to work in any EU nation and travel freely to 183 countries.

2. Exploring Spanish Residency Types

2.1 Golden Visa

  • Understand the Investor Residency Permit, allowing residency through significant investment in real estate or Spanish businesses.

2.2 Non-lucrative Visa

  • Ideal for those who can financially support themselves, this visa type allows experiencing the Spanish way of life without the need to work or conduct business.

2.3 Student Visa

  • For students planning to study in Spain, this section provides insights into short-term and long-term student visas and their benefits.

2.4 Digital Nomad Visa

  • For remote workers and freelancers, explore the requirements and benefits of the Digital Nomad Visa, designed for those with overseas clients.

3. Application Process and Requirements

3.1 Application Location

  • Whether applying from within Spain or from your home country, find out the optimal locations to initiate your application process for every type of visa.

3.2 Renewal Procedures

  • Learn about the renewal processes for each visa type, ensuring continuous legal stay in Spain.

3.3 Family Applications

  • Discover the possibilities of joint applications with spouses and children, allowing your family to move to Spain with you.

4. Special Residency Types

4.1 Entrepreneurial Visa

  • For innovators and entrepreneurs, this section outlines the steps to establish a technologically advanced company in Spain.

4.2 Highly Qualified Professional Work Permit

  • Explore the unique work permit awarded to individuals with higher education qualifications securing managerial or technical roles in Spain.

4.3 Intra-Company Transfer Visa

  • For employees of multinational corporations, understand the procedures for relocation to the Spanish headquarters for work or training purposes.

4.4 Visa for Research Purposes

  • Tailored for the scientific community, this visa type is for individuals engaging in research activities at authorized centers or universities in Spain.

5. Benefits of Spanish Residency

5.1 Work Privileges

  • Explore the various Spanish residency types offering work privileges, allowing you to earn while you stay.

5.2 Family Reunification

  • Learn about the provisions and benefits available for bringing your family members to live with you in Spain.

5.3 Socioeconomic Development

  • Understand how acquiring Spanish residency can contribute to Spain’s socioeconomic development and employment.

6. Arraigo Types: Social, Labor, and Familial Integration

6.1 Social Integration Visa

  • Delve into the arraigo social, a pathway designed for those who have lived in Spain irregularly for a certain period, detailing the requirements and application process.

6.2 Labor Integration Visa

  • Explore the arraigo laboral, tailored for individuals who have been in Spain for a specific duration and have work opportunities, outlining the steps to secure this visa.

6.3 Family Integration Visa

  • Uncover the arraigo familiar, a visa type for those with family ties in Spain, providing insights into the eligibility criteria and application procedures.

7. Ultimate Spain Relocation Checklist to move to Spain

7.1 Pre-Move Checklist

  • Equip yourself with a detailed checklist to ensure all essential aspects are covered before making the move to Spain, from legal documents to personal preparations.

7.2 Post-Move Checklist

  • Once you’ve relocated to Spain, follow a comprehensive checklist to settle in smoothly, covering aspects like local registrations, housing, and community integration.

7.3 Continuous Stay Checklist

  • For those planning a prolonged stay, this section provides a checklist to maintain legal status, renew visas, and integrate into Spanish society seamlessly.

8. What SpainGuru Can Do For You

8.1 Resources and Assistance

  • Discover the plethora of resources and assistance SpainGuru offers though its recommended partners, from detailed guides to personalized support, aiding in your relocation journey.

8.2 Expert Guidance

  • Avail of SpainGuru’s recommended experts guidance and advice, assisting you to navigate through the complexities of Spanish residency types and legal pathways. Ensure compliant health insurance and other necessary documents.

8.3 Community Support

  • Become a part of SpainGuru’s community, connecting with like-minded individuals, sharing experiences, and gaining insights into living in Spain.

9. Conclusion: Seamless Transition with SpainGuru

Embarking on a journey to move to Spain can be a monumental life decision, and having accurate information and support is paramount. The Spanish visas and Spanish residency types, the ultimate Spain relocation checklist, and the extensive resources provided by SpainGuru are meticulously designed to aid in a seamless transition, ensuring you can experience the wonders of Spanish life without any inconvenience. Whether your goal is to work, study, or simply relish the Spanish lifestyle, SpainGuru is your ally in transforming your Spanish aspirations into reality!