Has anyone not received empadronamiento within 30 days of arrival in Spain under a non lucrative Spain visa?

Question about the non lucrative Spain visa

Does anyone have first hand experience of NOT getting empadronamiento within 30 days of arriva under a non lucrative Spain visa? If so, your input would be much appreciated! My deadline is coming up sooner than I’d like and I have no long-term rental secured yet.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”We arrived in Spain in January and got our TIE cards last week without getting a padrón

”We didn’t get ours until we had been in Spain for 2 months (approx. 60 days) because we were traveling around at first and did not have a lease. We did need the “padron” for the TIE application”

”There is a 30day rule. A lot of people go over the 30 days time limit. I am based in Madrid and getting a long term apt (permanent address) and getting a cita previa for empradon was hard. For good measure we just saved screenshots of proof apartment viewing and trying to get cita previa to show as proof of “effort” in case they asked (they never did)”

”Appointments are closed in my region. My lawyer told me that 30 day rule does not apply in the Alicante region and probably won’t get an appointment until May”

”It IS a requirement, but sometimes the ayuntamientos move slowly. Mine took three months, but you NEED the Empadronamiento within 30 days to apply for your TIE within 30 days. THAT is the conundrum. Solution: take the yellow empadronamiento receipt to your TIE appointment and tell them the ayuntamiento is backlogged. They know, will have heard it many times before and will accept the receipt to process the TIE”

”I was so worried. But my agent reassured me that the Immigration office understands how hard it is to secure a place to stay, appointment for padron and TIE. I was lucky enough to get apartment 1 week after arrival, padron 31 days and fingerprint for TIE 1.5 month after arrival. Each province way of doing things is different from each other. You might be interested to ask expats in your city”

”I got my Padron after 60 days of arriving. And the TIE about 2 weeks later. I should mention that in Malaga, you don’t need the actual padron, just the certified application for the TIE. I’m picking up the actual Padron 6 weeks later. I had a legal person advise me and make my appointments. She’s very reasonable and it reduces your headaches tremendously. She also took care of the Apt. rental contract. Let me know if you need her info”

In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, many individuals have shared their experiences of not obtaining empadronamiento within 30 days of their arrival in Spain. While applying for a TIE (residence card) is a requirement for the non lucrative Spain visa process, it’s not always feasible due to various reasons such as difficulty finding long-term rentals and appointment availability. Some reported successful TIE applications using proof of their empadronamiento application, while others mentioned that different regions may have varying procedures. Overall, it appears that flexibility and understanding are often shown by authorities, but it’s advisable to seek assistance from professionals or local expats for guidance in navigating these processes.