The Non Lucrative Spain Visa Health Insurance Requirements

Non Lucrative Spain Visa Health Insurance

When considering a move to Spain under the Non Lucrative Spain Visa, one of the most crucial aspects to understand is the health insurance requirement. The Non lucrative Spain visa health insurance is central to the application process.

1. What are the Basic Health Requirements for the Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa?

There are two primary health requirements for the Non-Lucrative Visa:

  • Unrestricted Access to the Spanish Healthcare System: All applicants must have access to the Spanish healthcare system in a manner equivalent to the service provided by the Spanish State to its citizens. This ensures that immigrants do not become a burden on Spain’s public health system.
  • Freedom from Specific Diseases: Applicants must be free from any diseases listed under the International Health Regulations 2005 (IHR). These diseases are considered to be of international concern and could pose a public health emergency.

2. How Can One Gain Access to the Spanish Healthcare System?

Two primary methods exist for obtaining access:

  • Public Spanish Healthcare System: This is the preferred option for many due to the high-quality service it offers. However, most Non-Lucrative Visa applicants are not eligible for Spanish public healthcare. Exceptions include pensioners from countries with a health coverage agreement with Spain, such as the UK and Chile. These pensioners can access the Spanish public health system using forms like the UK’s S1 form.
  • Private Healthcare Insurance: Many applicants, unable to access the public system, must obtain private medical insurance. This insurance should offer a service equivalent to the public system, without exclusions, excesses, or co-payments. It’s essential to work with experienced professionals when choosing an insurance policy, as criteria can vary among Spanish Consulates.

3. What About the Medical Certificate Requirement?

Applicants must provide a medical certificate or doctor’s letter stating they are free from diseases listed under the International Health Regulations 2005. This certificate should:

  • Be signed by the issuing doctor with their medical practice stamp and registration number.
  • Not be older than three months at the time of the visa application.
  • Clearly state that the applicant does not suffer from any diseases that may have serious public health repercussions.
Non Lucrative Spain Visa Health Insurance

4. How to Choose the Right Non Lucrative Spain Visa Health Insurance in Spain?

For those applying for a Non-Lucrative Visa (NLV) to Spain, understanding health insurance requirements is crucial. Here’s a straightforward approach:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Your health insurance must match the coverage provided by Spain’s public health system. Essential points include:
    • No deductibles or extra fees.
    • No waiting periods for certain benefits.
    • Full coverage for all medical needs, including hospital and outpatient services.
  • Choosing the Right Policy:
    • Look for policies without co-pays or coverage limits.
    • Ensure the policy covers preventive, diagnostic, treatment, and rehabilitation services.
  • Working with Specialists:
    • Agencies like the ones recommended by Spainguru can be very helpful.
    • They provide policies that meet all visa requirements and offer competitive pricing.
    • They understand the consulate’s demands, ensuring a smoother application process.
  • Benefits our Recommended Specialized Agencies:
    • They offer services in English, helping you understand policy details.
    • Their expertise and personalized approach align with legal requirements and increase your chances of visa approval.

What if I have pre-existing conditions?

Typically, to obtain health insurance, you must complete a medical questionnaire. Health insurance companies generally do not provide coverage for pre-existing conditions. This means you will be responsible for any expenses related to these conditions, which is an important consideration when planning your move to Spain.

However, for the purposes of complying with the Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa requirements, policies that exclude pre-existing condition coverage are often accepted. This is because health insurance companies will still issue the certificate of full coverage required by Spanish consulates.

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5. How to Demonstrate Proof of Health Insurance to the Consulate?

When applying for a visa, you will need to present proof of health insurance through a declaration of coverage letter issued by your insurance provider. This letter should be prepared in Spanish and meet the following criteria:

  • Provide the complete name and passport ID for every person insured.
  • Outline the main benefits that the policy covers, including coverage for pre-existing conditions when possible, and specify that there are no waiting periods for certain benefits.
  • Confirm that the letter is in Spanish. You may also receive a copy of your benefits summary in English to better understand what you’re purchasing.
  • Ensure that if you are applying with family members, the insurance company may issue either a single letter that names all covered family members or individual letters for each person. Both formats are acceptable. If multiple declarations are issued, ensure they are correctly filed with the corresponding family member’s paperwork to avoid confusion.
  • Print the declaration letter, which will be emailed to you by the insurance provider after one to three business days of receiving your policy payment, and bring it to your visa application appointment.

6. Choosing Your Non-Lucrative Spain Visa Health Insurance

Spainguru collaborates with top health insurance providers in Spain, including DKV, ASISA, ADESLAS, ASSSA, SANITAS, and SWISSCARE, catering specifically to the needs of expatriates. We offer diverse health insurance options that meet the requirements for various Spanish visas, such as the Non-lucrative Visa, Student Visa, Golden Visa, and the Digital Nomad Visa. These policies are carefully selected to ensure full compliance with Spanish regulations and to facilitate a seamless residency application process at Spanish consulates.

Our recommended insurance plans are comprehensive, featuring full coverage without co-payments, deductibles, or waiting periods. They include essential services ranging from emergency care to surgeries, offer a minimum coverage of €30,000, and cover repatriation of remains—a critical requirement for many Spanish consulates.

The application process is streamlined for your convenience. Upon purchasing a policy through one of our partner insurers, you will receive a certificate of coverage that satisfies the residency or visa application requirements, ensuring a straightforward and hassle-free process.

7. The Spanish health insurance companies ranking by number of customers

Non Lucrative Spain Visa Health Insurance

Market share distribution of leading private health insurance firms in Spain from 2019 to 2021, according to Statista.