How can I renew my British passport if living in Spain?


How can I renew my British passport if living in Spain on a Non lucrative Spain visa please?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“Consulate used to do them but not any more. They seemed to stop after Brexit. They will still issue emergency papers if needed. Yes, we now renew ours online which is very easy.”

“Online, mine took 7 weeks from start to finish including returning old passport by registered post. Don’t be fooled by paying more to get it back quicker my friend did this and his took 12 weeks to come back.
It’s a good service you receive notification by email that they have recurved your old passport a 2ns email to say the new one has been processed then finally a 3rd email to let you know your new one is on its way”

“My husband renewed his online this year as comments above. Really easy. Used phone to take photo and loaded onto online application. Start to finish 10 working days. Kept up to date by SMS.”

“Online – really easy, can even take your own photo but take time with this and follow the instructions but very user friendly. Process for me was about 3 weeks (but this was in March) hope this helps”

“I agree… no need to pay someone to do it for you. Mine took just over 3 weeks in August online.”


In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, the most efficient and recommended method to renew a British passport while residing in Spain on a Non-lucrative visa is through the online process. The consulate no longer handles renewals as they did before Brexit, but the online system is user-friendly and efficient. Many members have had positive experiences with the online renewal, highlighting its ease and the regular updates provided throughout the process. It’s also emphasized that there’s no need to pay extra for expedited services, as the standard process is already quite swift.