How do I register as autonomo in Spain?

Question about how to register as autonomo in Spain

I want to start the process to register as autonomo in Spain (Freelancer). What is the first step? Estimate cost and time-frame?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“You can get registered from one day to the next, or a couple of days, you just need to have all documents in order and a person who can do it for you”

“Don’t forget you need electronic signature (certificado digital), so get it in advance. You or your gestor needs it to open autonomo online and submit all the quarterly declarations online. Not even sure how this works in person.”

“Think long and hard about it first – it can cost you a lot if you’re not in the right category.”

“Get a Gestoria to do it”

“I did it as a teacher. The gestoría will take care of it for you. Employ a good one. Mine got everything registered correctly and sending accounts is now very easy. Fees for autónomo are not cheap. Check out what you can and can’t claim for. I work from home and can claim back literally nothing.”

“I will highly recommend to get a gestor… saves you time and important mistakes as the system is made to get lost in translation and it can cost you loads of money a mistake”

“I strongly recommend you not do it alone.”

“I did it myself but was a pain im the b***.. not very easy and risk of making a costly mistake. entretramites will do it for you easily and they also have a very cost efective solution for monthly service. Just hired them.”

“In our village we have a CADE office. Part of the Junta de Andalucia. They help you for free with Autonomo and will register you for free and help you apply for grant’s etc. You still need a gestor of course but an excellent service to use.”


In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, the first step to register as autónomo in Spain involves ensuring all documents are in order and possibly employing a gestor (administrative manager) to facilitate the process. The timeframe can be as quick as one day, provided everything is prepared. It’s important to obtain an electronic signature (certificado digital) for online submissions and quarterly declarations.

Members advise thinking carefully about the decision due to potential costs and complexities, especially in choosing the right category. Utilizing a gestor is highly recommended to avoid costly mistakes and to navigate the system efficiently. Some members shared their personal experiences of difficulty in self-registering and the benefits of professional assistance, highlighting the value of a gestor in this process.

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