How do I shift from the Spain Non Lucrative Visa to a work visa in Spain and its impact on job opportunities post-Brexit, especially in cooking?


What are the conditions for transitioning from the Spain Non Lucrative Visa (NLV) to a working visa in Spain, irrespective of property ownership, and how might it impact job opportunities, particularly in the culinary industry post-Brexit?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”Spanish businesses cannot employ UK passport holders who do not have the right to work. As an NLV visa holder you do not have the right to work. As a UK passport holder you are unlikely to get many (if any) job offers unless there are no Spanish (or EU passport holders) that can do the job.

Other UK passport holders who have the right to work – usually because they arrived pre withdrawal agreement are likely to get higher priority. Your partner may be better to consider the digital nomad visa but will need remote clients before moving to Spain. It is possible to apply for a working visa at Year 1 renewal, but it will require a comprehensive business plan and is in no way guaranteed”

”It’s possible to apply for a new visa once here on a NLV. It’s not a straight exchange or swap, it’s an application and approval is not guaranteed. Generally it’s recommended to apply somewhere around month 9 of the first Spain Non Lucrative Visa period (which is for 1 year). To apply for the self employment visa is very much the same process as it would be to start with that. I understand an additional element is the need to show how such a business would benefit the community it’s (or you’re) based in, in the 5 year business plan.

As for the work (employment) visa, there are less hoops for an employer to jump through, but finding the job could be challenging. I guess if you’re wanting to replicate the business situation you have in the UK, you’d start by applying to move to the self-employment visa, then (if approved) your wife would apply for the work (employment) visa.

The Golden Visa allows this situation from day 1 of residence. In any case, I recommend speaking to an immigration expert, one who has had success in the area of Spain Non Lucrative Visa to work visas”

”Don’t know much , but you cannot work on the Spain Non Lucrative Visa so that option is out, no idea on the nomad one though”

”It can be done but it is no easy task and the project you have to submit if you want to modify to a self-employed residency status is a time consuming process”


In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, transitioning from an Spain Non Lucrative Visa to a work visa in Spain, regardless of property ownership, involves complexities. NLV holders, especially UK passport holders post-Brexit, face limited job opportunities due to work restrictions.

Applying for a work visa during NLV renewal (around month 9) requires a detailed business plan. Shifting to self-employment or seeking employment under a work visa presents challenges, as priority often favors pre-withdrawal agreement holders. Consider consulting visa experts due to the intricacies involved in this transition.

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