Spain non lucrative visa at Miami Consulate: 2 checklists & timelines

Spain non lucrative visa at Miami Consulate Submission – January 8, 2024 checklist and timeline 1 – Provided by a Spainguru NLV Group member

We met with a very helpful gentleman at the Miami consulate. This is what he shared.

Mail these documents in this order using any carrier as long as it has a tracking number. See NOTE at end as process may be moving to BLS (Consular Outsourcing Company).

1. Application for Long Term Visa with Photo

2. Form EX-01

3. Tasa Form 052-790 with Money Order for $152 made out to Consulate General of Spain in Miami

4. Copy of the 1st page of your US passport (the one with biometrics, photo, etc)

5. Copy of Drivers License

6. Medical Certificate (Use bilingual template found on their website.)

7. Criminal FBI background check SWORN TRANSLATED and APOSTILLED (Apostille doesn’t need to be translated.)

8. Proof of Health Insurance in Spain

9. Financial documents showing means for 1 year

10.Marriage Certificate SWORN TRANSLATED and APOSTILLED (Apostille doesn’t need to be translated.)

Mail with a Tracking Number:

Consulado General de Espana en Miami

2655 LeJeune Rd Suite 203

Coral Gables, FL 33134

Attention: Visa Department

Package is mailed to Spain where determination takes around 10 weeks.

The Miami Consulate representative contacts you by email if additional documents are needed or if its time to pick up your approved visa.

To pickup your visa, you will be asked to bring your ORIGINAL PASSPORT and your original documents when you come to pick up your visa.

Turnaround time is approximately 10 weeks.

NOTE: It was indicated that BLS may be taking over the NLV application services in the near future. This would mean you would make an appointment through BLS. I would assume check the website and see if and when these changes go into effect. We traveled to BLS offices but were told they are only doing short term visas (90 days or less).

Spain non lucrative visa at Miami Consulate Submission – October 11, 2023 checklist and timeline 2 – Provided by a Spainguru NLV Group member of working age, married with minor children

  1. Notarized Letter of Intent in Spanish (optional)
  2. National Visa Application
  3. Application for Non Lucrative Residence EX-01
  4. Recent Passport-sized Photographs
  5. Notarized Copies of Passports
  6. Proof of Availability of Economic Means:
    • Copies of 12 months bank statements printed directly from online banking
    • Copy of previous year’s tax returns
    • Copy of any investment accounts or lease contract mentioning you or your company as the landlord
  7. Employer letter confirming that you no longer work for the company OR if self-employed, a notarized letter stating that you will not work while living in Spain
  8. Health Insurance valid for 1 year starting the month you plan to move to Spain (Get your health insurance here)
  9. Medical Certificate signed and stamped by an American doctor (use consulate template)
  10. FBI Criminal Record Certificates:
  11. Proof of Residence in the Consular Demarcation (notarized copy of driver’s license)
  12. Model 790-052 Signed (2 copies)
  13. Money Order for Payment of Fees:
    • $12 for form 790-052
    • $140 visa fee if applying with an American passport
    • $85 for other passports
    • Only one money order payable to the Consulate General of Spain
  14. Marriage Certificate:
  15. Birth Certificate (if you have children):

Please note: Mail only copies and bring originals to the appointment when they stamp your visa.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is no legal advice, and is personal experience from Spainguru’s community members. Consult official sources, such as the Spanish Consulate’s official page, and follow their instructions. If you need help from professional immigration experts, you can find recommended partners here.