What is the Spanish residency by marriage process in Spain for a non-EU citizen married to an EU citizen, and how long does it typically take?


What is the Spanish residency process and requirements in Spain for a non-EU citizen married to an EU citizen, and how long did it take for those who have been in a similar situation?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”Firstly , the EU citizen gets their residency status through a National Police station. There is a certain amount of money u need to show in the bank so they can see u have enough to live on for a while. Few forms to fill ..etc. it’s easy enough to do yourself. Look at their country of residence webpages for info. After they have attained their own residency , then the as non eu spouse can apply as a tag on so to speak”

”Yep, it’s very simple. The details will vary based on whether the EU is working or not, the nationality of the TCN and where they currently live. Broadly:

  • 1. TCN gets Schengen Type C visa, depend on the answers to the questions above.
  • 2. Arrive in Spain
  • 3. EU meets the requirements of legal residence
  • 4. EU registers his legal residence with Form EX18
  • 5. TCN requests Art 10 TIE using Form EX19”

”I am the EU citizen… self sufficient route

  • 1/ in bank account 5400 EUR..certificate from bank to PROVE the balance..
  • 2/ private medical insurance with ” sin copago” ( no need to pay for a Doctor incl in cover) ..plus Certificate to PROVE you had paid for the cover
  • 3/ Passport, plus copy
  • 4/ Signed application form..cost c. 12 EUR Appointment took 15 mins and green card issued. 3/ copy of passport..EU does not need to have a NIE, but I had applied for one. Non EU 1/ Extra 4700 EUR per family member in bank…Certificate to prove from Bank 2/ Same private medical cover ( “sin copago”) for each family member 3/ Marriage Certificate ( ours was Apostilated) with translation ( if already Apostilated does not need to be done by Spanish Govt) ( plus copy) 4/ Passport and copy 5/ patron…proof of where you live.( Town hall)
  • 5/ Copy of EEA/ EU national passport
  • 6/ In theory, proof of entry to Spain…but Wifey had none as illegal to stamp passport of close family member travelling with EEA / EU citizen. Not asked for, but wifey’s application for a NIE ( via a Notary) had ( earlier) been declined for lack of stamp..[ fee from Notary refunded as I told them to include this info from. European Commission website)
  • 7/ application form. ..c.12 EUR 8/ patron..proof of where you reside in Spain ( Town hal) Wife told it could be five months before called to biometric finger scan for residency card…Legally, must be done within 6 months) Good luck. PS. Please be aware, no need for medical insurance if you EEA/ EU citizen is employed / self employed, but you’ll need to have ES Spanish tax / national insurance references. We paid a gestor to save the queuing (but could be done, if you know the lingo and have spare time)”

”I’ve done these residences with my clients. EU registration, easy, one day if you get all docs. Family of a EU citizen takes more time to have the answer but it’s not difficult either and the moment you apply you’re legal in Spain”


In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, for non-EU citizens married to EU citizens seeking residency in Spain, the process involves the EU citizen obtaining residency first, meeting financial and documentation requirements.

The non-EU spouse can then apply as a dependent, fulfilling visa and TIE application procedures. Requirements include financial proofs, medical insurance, marriage certificates, and proof of residence.

Processing times vary, with some experiencing quick approvals. It’s recommended to check country-specific guidelines and consider professional assistance for a smoother process.