Beckham’s Law Application: DIY or Hire a Gestor?


I’m looking to apply for Beckham’s Law. For anyone who’s done this, is it something you can do on your own or should you really only attempt it through a gestor? Any personal experiences would be appreciated.


“I personally haven’t done it, but I have friends who have, and they’ve all done it on their own. It just depends on how confident you are in your ability to fill out government forms & deal with the bureaucracy.”

“You need to have set up a clave pin to access hacienda (you can get a certificado digital in person if getting the clave is not possible). If you have that is relatively straightforward (modelo 149, but watch out as before submitting you need to submit the supporting documents so that you get a registro code). Nothing is easy unfortunately, but this one is okayish”

“I’ve done it myself and it’s very easy and straightforward. I got approval in 6 business days. Please let me know if you have any questions”


The community’s feedback on applying for Beckham’s Law varies, with some individuals successfully managing the process on their own, highlighting it as straightforward, especially with the right digital tools and an understanding of Spanish bureaucracy.

Others recommend seeking professional assistance through a gestor or lawyer to navigate the complexities and ensure all requirements are met efficiently. This suggests that while a DIY approach is possible, the decision should be based on one’s comfort with bureaucratic procedures and the availability of reliable guidance.

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