Health Insurance Spain: can i change it if I have pre-existing conditions?


Changing Private Health Insurance Spain: I have DKV health insurance and overall I like them… but I will have hip surgery soon and it got me thinking. What happens if I ever want to change insurances? Would another private insurer exclude my hip as pre-existing conditions? Or are preexisting conditions only a problem when we initially wrote a private Spanish policy?

Surely there is some kind of legal mechanism to address this and give people mobility among private health insurance options? I’m sure someone has tackled this and has some insight? What I see on google seems to say this would be a problem and makes me hope I love DKV for life.

Found this on an internet search too: They can and they can drop you too if they feel you’re a liability. It’s worse than the USA in that respect. They can do it because the state offers public insurance, private is for those who choose and qualify. Anyone know if this is true?”


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“Well, that’s not nerve-wracking at all if true.”

“I know you’re making an example for illustration, but my Spaniards all say that public is where you want to be for cancer. (There was a bit of scandal last year when a conservative tv presenter/personality, who had previously railed against public Health spending, was declared cancer free after treatment… in the public health system!)”

“Public health care is preferable for cancer treatment, so yes, it would be an excellent idea.”

“If you already have history that states that you will need surgery then I believe it will be a pre-existing condition and the new insurance will not cover it. On top of that, anything major (unless by accident) for the first 6 months they can back out. If you know you’re getting something done, I would keep your current insurance or at least talk with a broker.”

“State health care in Spain is not the best, many Spanish families opt for private!”

“I’d go public after the surgery!”

“I have changed from one private health insurance company to another 4 or 5 times. They’ve always waived any waiting periods and exclusions for pre-existing conditions. So it’s worth shopping around for a better deal when the time is coming to renew.”


The conversation around changing private health insurance in Spain, especially when facing surgeries or pre-existing conditions, highlights a nuanced landscape. The general consensus suggests that while private insurance offers benefits, there are concerns about policy mobility and coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Some members have successfully switched insurers without losing coverage for these conditions, indicating variability in insurers’ policies. Public health insurance emerges as a preferred option for serious conditions like cancer, despite debates on its efficacy. The discussion underscores the importance of thorough research and consultation, particularly with brokers, when considering insurance options in Spain.

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