BIPOC and LGBTQ+ Friendly Areas in Spain for Family Safety


Where are areas (not big cities but ok if close to big cities) that are very BIPOC-friendly and LGBTQ+ friendly? Wanting to make sure to find a place that’ll be safe long-term for my family.


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“I don’t see anyone generally caring about sexuality anywhere. There are queer people everywhere and no one cares.”

“It is racism plain and simple.”

“While this is a disgusting act it doesn’t mean people are actively hostile or racist to non-white people, hence ignorance rather than active racism.”

“It is an activity that has been openly shunned by black people in Spain for many years and Spanish people continue to blow it off saying that they’re too sensitive. It isn’t ignorance when they know exactly what they’re doing.”

“Sitges is wonderful.”


“This is such an American question, as long as you don’t bother anyone else, they don’t bother you….this is Spain and Europe….nobody cares.”

“The racism here is different than the racism in the States, for example. It is tied into classism. As soon as someone wants to be outright racist with me (which honestly is rare) their demeanor changes quickly once they realize I’m from the States.”

“Except maybe soccer games. My friend was wearing a shirt in support of gay rights at a Madrid game and got hassled hard, including physical touching.”

“Turns out people are hostile to immigration everywhere. So, if you are perceived as immigrant vs. expat then you will receive hostility.”

“As an observer, I’ve never seen any anti-gay nonsense. Obviously, some towns and neighborhoods have higher percentages of LGBT, (e.g., Sitges, Chueca in Madrid.) but I’ve never seen anything outright hostile.”

“The amount of straight white people commenting on their experiences is hysterical. My wife was born and raised in Gijon, and I’ve lived here for 8 years and have always felt safe. I’m white, so I obviously can’t speak on personal experience of racism.”

“While comments dismissing the concerns of the question wholesale may be well-meaning, they aren’t particularly well informed and probably not coming from members of the community.”


The discussion reflects a spectrum of experiences and perspectives on the safety and inclusivity of various areas in Spain for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ families.

While some areas like Sitges and Valencia were repeatedly mentioned for their friendly and inclusive environments, the conversation also highlighted concerns about racism and homophobia, suggesting that while Spain is broadly welcoming, there are still societal challenges to navigate.

The importance of community, openness, and the need for continued dialogue and awareness were underscored.

For families looking to move, these insights suggest that finding a supportive community and doing thorough research into local attitudes will be key to ensuring a safe and welcoming environment.