Is there a Six-Month Spanish Visa Option for Longer Stays in Spain?


As a UK/Australian citizen, I’ve been limited since Brexit to the 90/180 days in the Schengen area. However, I own a home in Spain, and I would really like to spend a longer time there later this year (Six-Month Spanish Visa?).

I would be eligible for a NLV, but I don’t want to apply that for a few years, because of tax consequences in Australia where I live, but also I don’t want to commit to spending the large amount of time in Spain that is required.

I have heard of a Six-Month Spanish Visa that is available in some Schengen countries. My friend has just been issued one for Greece, as he wants to settle there for six months to write a book. Is there anything like this available for Spain? I haven’t been able to find anything online, but perhaps someone in this group can assist?”


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“Consider applying for a language student visa.”

“Never heard of a Six-Month Spanish Visa. No such visa in Spain.”

“But even if you get a six months visa (for example, as a language student), that will only temporarily solve your problem, for one year, but not permanent. The year after, you have to stay only 3 months.”

“My friend has been studying on language school visas for three years in Valencia.”

“The visa was for the length of the course plus a few weeks. Find an accredited school nearby and ask them for visa and course details.”

“One thing to know, the six-month program will need to be full time in order to obtain a student visa. ‘Full time’ for a language program is 20 hours per week.”

Is there a Six-Month Spanish Visa Option for Longer Stays in Spain?

“Obtaining an NLV doesn’t, in and of itself, change your tax residence. That only happens if you spend > 183 days in a calendar year In Spain.”

“Spain is not among the countries with which Australia has a bilateral agreement for an additional length of stay.”

“Don’t go the student visa route as it’s only temporary and you have to be taking classes or work as a language assistant. If you invest 500k€ in real estates you get a golden visa which automatically makes you a resident with no limit, I think.”

“With 90/180 you can spend up to 180 days a year in Spain but in two trips. Just split your time better with a decent Schengen calculator.”


The conversation among expatriates reveals a collective effort to navigate the complexities of staying in Spain for longer periods, especially after Brexit. For UK/Australian citizens owning property in Spain and wishing to extend their stay beyond the 90/180 rule, exploring options like the language student visa seems a viable path, albeit with certain requirements such as enrollment in a recognized full-time course.

While there’s no straightforward six-month visa similar to Greece’s, the discussion points towards a community willing to share experiences and advice, from the practicalities of visa applications to broader considerations like tax implications and residency status.

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