Best Timing for Non Lucrative Visa Spain Renewal


We just moved to Spain on Non Lucrative Visa Spain. When do we need to start proceedings for year 2/3 Non Lucrative Visa Spain renewal? I know I’m a bit early asking this but I am thinking of how long it might take ect.”


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“During the 60 calendar days prior to the expiration date of your Non Lucrative Visa Spain ‘TIE card’ or 90 days after the expiry date.”

“The time it takes may depend on where you live and what your town requirements are. I live in Rota, Andalucia and went to the national police where I was given a list of things needed.

The only thing I am waiting on is the health certificate. Once I get that I need to go to the city hall and they will send it to Cadiz’ for approval. I know some people have had to go to Cadiz’ to pick up the paperwork, but the city hall in Rota said I would pick it up there.”

“What website can you make appointments for renewal or even to upload the documents?” – “Mercurio. You need a digital certificate.”

“I would start as early as possible which as someone else already mentioned 60 days before your TIE card expiration date. Be sure and get a digital certificate so that you can renew online. The process time varies by region, it took 60 days for me to get approved in Sevilla. For Madrid, I read many are taking 5+ months to get approved.”

“How much savings do you need for years 2and 3?” – “You have to have approximately 30,000 Euro per person, per year. It is about 30,000 E per adult per year. I am not sure what it is for each child. You might want to go online to a site called Spainguru(?) Who has lots if great info about everything.”


The consensus is clear: to renew your non lucrative visa Spain visa, start the process 60 days before or up to 90 days after your TIE card’s expiration. Be prepared with all required documents, including a health certificate and digital certificate for online processes.

The time it takes can vary significantly depending on your location in Spain, with some regions processing much faster than others. Additionally, sufficient financial means are necessary to fulfill the renewal requirements, approximately €30,000 per adult per year.

Here’s an article about the Non Lucrative Visa Spain Renewal process and requirements: