Business in Spain: Does Buying a Bar Grant Residency to British Passport Holders?


Hi everyone, if you buy a business in Spain, a bar, etc., does that automatically entitle you to stay in the country as a British passport holder? Anyone any experience of this?


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“Nope. There are some pretty steep financial requirements.”

“Absolutely not, I’m afraid.”

“No chance since Brexit.”

“That’s the cart before the horse unfortunately…”

“Yes you can.”

“It’s much easier to just apply for residency, prove a small income and get health insurance. 99% it will cost a lot more to purchase a bar with a very significant chance of failure.”

“If the investment would be over 500k”

“Invest 500000€ to get a golden visa.”

“You can’t work in a bar you own, because you don’t have residency with work permission.”


The consensus among the community members is that purchasing a business in Spain, such as a bar, does not automatically grant residency or the right to work in Spain for British passport holders, post-Brexit.

While there are options like the golden visa for significant investments (€500,000 or more), the financial and legal requirements are substantial and complex.

For most, securing residency through other means like the Spanish non lucrative visa, proving financial stability and obtaining health insurance is recommended over the business purchase route.