Moving to Spain with Dogs: Rabies Regulations from Non-Listed Countries


I am moving to Spain with dogs on my NLV from Central America. Has anyone moved to Spain with pets entering the EU from non-rabies listed countries? These pets must pass a rabies titre test and rabies vaccination.

The rabies vaccine must be administered after the microchip is implanted. A rabies antibody titer test is a laboratory measurement of an individual’s serum sample’s ability to neutralize rabies virus. The test is valid if the blood contains antibodies to the virus.

Questions: 1- has anybody had to do this? 2- Could you please share your experience? 3- I understand there is a 3 month-waiting period, is it after vaccination? Or the date the blood sample was taken?


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“Hi, we’re going thru the process now to move from North Cyprus to Spain. Our dog has had her 1st rabies shot and is due to get her 2nd shot 14 days after the 1st. A blood serum test is taken 31 days after the date of the 1st rabies shot and in our case sent to Scotland for analysis.

This analysis process can take 3 months, during which time all regular shots etc should be done. Once the test results come back, the dog is eligible to move to Spain. She will need to have vet parasite treatment recorded in her book before transport.

Export papers from your country will also need to be completed and an IATA travel box purchased. My understanding is that you collect the dog from the flight in Spain, go thru the ‘something to declare’ at customs and complete their paperwork and fees.”

“Some of the vets here prefer to give 2 shots, it’s just their way. The serum count days though are taken 30 days after the date of the 1st shot.”


Moving to Spain with dogs from non-rabies listed countries involves a detailed process that includes microchipping, multiple rabies vaccinations, and a rabies titer test to ensure the pet meets the EU entry requirements.

This process includes a waiting period that typically begins after the first vaccination and involves specific veterinary treatments and paperwork. Pet owners should prepare for this process well in advance and ensure all requirements are meticulously followed to facilitate a smooth entry into Spain.