Spain-issued Schengen Visa: Can It Be Used for other EU countries?


Does anyone know here about Spain Schengen visa? Because I’m wondering if I can use it in Italy for a short stay?


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“If you have a Schengen visa, you have the right to move freely in the whole Schengen area including Italy that you asked about.”

“Yes, you can. But keep in mind if you’re applying through Spain, you must have Spain as your main destination (spending most number of days in the Schengen Zone in Spain).”

“Can I enter directly to Italy? Without spending any time in Spain?” – “Technically no, but many people have done that. However, if you get caught, be ready to get banned for a couple of years from entering the Schengen Zone.”

“This is called visa shopping. If you wanna do it, it’s up to you but understand the risk that it has to you in the long-run. Here’s a link: consular news link

“Yes, you can. The rule is that on your first trip you should spend most time in Spain (at least the same amount of time as you are going to spend in Italy).”

“A Schengen tourist visa covers all of Schengen its limited stay single or multiple entry.”

“But if your main stay is Italy then you should be applying in Italy.”


The feedback from the group suggests that while a Schengen visa allows for free movement within the zone, which includes Italy, the visa issued by Spain requires Spain to be the main destination or at least the country where the most time is spent during the visit.

This is especially important during the first trip on the visa. Using a Spanish-issued Schengen visa primarily to visit other countries like Italy, without adhering to these rules, could lead to consequences such as travel bans, highlighting the risks of visa shopping.