Spain Digital Nomad Visa: What Happens to Dependents if the Relationship Ends?


What would happen to your dependent/unmarried partner if you took them to Spain with you but broke up in the middle of while you’re on the Spain Digital Nomad Visa? Would they lose access or be able to apply for another visa themselves, separated from you?


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“You have to notify UGE of any changes. Then apply for whatever visa you might be eligible for at the time. If none, then you’d need to leave.”

“If the couple split they should let UGE know within 30 days. And then the dependent either needs to apply for a visa of their own (whatever they qualify for) or leave the country if they don’t qualify.

It’s the same with any visa where there’s a dependent. Once they get to 5 years and permanent residency, it doesn’t matter.”


In the event of a breakup while on a Spain Digital Nomad Visa (DNV), the dependent or unmarried partner must notify the Unit of Large Enterprises and Strategic Groups (UGE) of the change within 30 days.

Post-notification, the dependent must either apply for a new visa that they qualify for on their own or, if ineligible, leave Spain. This protocol aligns with general visa regulations for dependents in Spain, emphasizing the need for legal independence or a new qualification basis after separation, especially before obtaining permanent residency.

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