Spain Non lucrative Visa Application Timeline at London Consulate, Manchester Consulate and Edinburgh Consulate

Spain Non lucrative Visa Application

The process for a Spain Non Lucrative Visa Application at Spanish Consulates in the United Kingdom, involves a clear understanding of the required documents and timeline for submission. This timelien outlines a week-by-week breakdown, from obtaining initial certifications like the ACRO and marriage certificates to finalizing your visa application, ensuring you are fully prepared for each stage.

Spanish Consulates in the United Kingdom

This timeline is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Given the complexities of immigration laws and the fact that each consulate may interpret the rules differently, we highly recommend consulting with or hiring immigration experts when applying for a Spanish non-lucrative visa. Following the steps outlined here without professional guidance does not guarantee approval of your visa application, as individual circumstances and requirements can vary.

Spain Non lucrative Visa Application Timeline

Week 1 – ACRO, Marriage, and Birth Certificates

Week 2 – Doctor’s Certificates and Health Insurance

Week 3 – Certificates Are Being Processed & Extra docs

  • Your marriage certificate should be in the process of being apostilled.
  • Gather additional required documents such as P45, bank statements, proof of (passive) income, and any other relevant information.

Week 4 – Preparing for Submission

Weeks 5 & 6 – Final Steps and Appointment

  • Once you receive your ACRO, immediately make copies for your records and prepare to include it in your visa application. This certificate must also be Apostilled and sworn translated.
  • Complete the necessary forms, including the EX01 form, TASA 790-52, and the National Visa Application Form.
  • Finalize your application dossier, including the payment for your health insurance (unless you are providing a S1 Form) and prepare to request your visa appointment.

Checklist for the Spanish Non Lucrative Visa application for applicants applying at UK consulates (In no particular order)

  • ACRO Criminal Record Check Certificate: Submit the original ACRO certificate. Ensure it’s translated and apostilled.
  • Forms EX-01 and TASA 790-52: Complete and prepare these required forms.
  • National Visa Application Form: Attach a color passport photo against a light background, facing forward, without dark glasses or head coverings. Stick the photo and make a copy of the form.
  • Valid Passport: Provide the original and a color photocopy of the biometric data pages. Ensure the passport is unexpired, issued within the last 10 years, valid for at least one year, and has at least two blank pages.
  • Private Health Insurance or S1 Certificate (UK retirees): Include policy documents and the insurance certificate, or the original S1 certificate along with proof of online registration.
  • Medical Certificate: Must be translated into Spanish and apostilled if not already in Spanish.
  • Proof of Financial Resources: Provide 12 months of bank statements and pension statements, if applicable. Include proof for any large deposits shown in bank statements.
  • Additional Documentation: If applicable, provide property completion statements, proof of inheritance, Spanish property deeds, and proof of residency in the consular district.
  • Marriage and Birth Certificates: For married applicants/legal couples and those with children under 18, submit translated and apostilled marriage and birth certificates.
  • P45 or Similar Evidence: Provide your P45 or documentation from HMRC indicating cessation of employment or self-employment in the UK.

Ensure each document is correctly prepared and presented as per the consulate’s specific requirements to streamline the application process.

Spain Non Lucrative Visa

Non Lucrative Visa Spain: Requirements 2024

The Non Lucrative Visa Spain: Requirements 2024 article provides a detailed guide on the application process for a Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa, which is designed for individuals wishing to reside in Spain without engaging in work. Applicants must meet several criteria such as proving financial stability, no criminal records, and having sufficient health insurance, without the intention to work in Spain.

The visa includes various stipulations about tax obligations, the application process at different consulates, and specifics on renewing the visa, making it essential for potential applicants to thoroughly understand the requirements and prepare accordingly.