Can I Lease a Car in Spain?


Can anyone tell us whether we can lease a car in Spain. We lease here in the U.K. but are hoping to move to Spain in Sept so will need a car, someone did mention banks lease cars but we do not know how that works.

We change our car every 3 years here so would love some advice. We do not want to buy a car as we understand they are really expensive with very high mileage.


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“We have leased a brand new car as used cars are stupidly expensive here! The monthly fee is more than in the UK but it also includes insurance and breakdown cover. You can do it with most of the main banks and also the dealerships but we found a better deal with a local company. There’s loads online as well, it just depends on the type of car you want and your budget.”

“Another good option is buying ‘kilometre zero’ cars. Basically showroom models that can no longer be sold as new but have never had an owner.”

“I moved last year. I couldn’t lease or get car finance until I can show 1 year employment history and 2 years autonomo. I tried lots of companies. I couldn’t get one straight away with bank either as have no credit history in Spain and they don’t take your UK one into account.

Only thing I could find was to get a long term hire car which are around 500pm or lynk and co offer a subscription service where you pay monthly and don’t need proof of income. They are 600pm but you get a new car every so many years with them but they only offer 1 type of car currently.”

“Have a look at Bipicar. A great shorter term option while you settle and sort taxes etc. terms from 3 months to 3 years.”

“We lease a brand new Volkswagen T-Cross through Sabadell which includes servicing, breakdown and insurance. You need a TIE and sufficient funds to qualify. They have various cars available from 300e to 700e a month. At the end of the term you can purchase the car.”

“Banks generally offer the lower spec of any given model. If you want a mid or higher range spec of whichever Brand, go to the dealer direct. Likely cheaper too. Look on and”


Leasing a car in Spain is certainly possible and can be a practical option for new residents who prefer not to buy. Options range from bank leases to local company deals, often including insurance and breakdown coverage.

The main banks, certain dealerships, and online services offer varying terms that can fit different budgets and needs. For those without an established credit history in Spain, long-term hire or specific lease programs that don’t require proof of income can be an alternative.

It’s important to consider each option’s terms and what they include to find the best fit for your situation.