Spain Non Lucrative Visa: Can an IRA Be Used as Proof of Financial Means for Renewal?


IPREM question if you don’t mind. My wife and I are in Andalucia and up for Spain Non Lucrative Visa renewal later this year. My wife receives just about the 4x IPREM from SS and we have about 100k in an IRA in my wife’s name, as well as a home we own here (not sure if that matters). Will the IRA be accepted as proof of Financial Means as the second on the visa? Or do I have to have the 2 years x IPREM in my name?


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“If you are married it’s collective, so will be accepted”

“As a married couple you only need to show around 70K for the next two years. Although you both complete an application form you should be treated as 1 unit. The property is irrelevant.”


From the discussion among members of Spainguru’s Facebook group, it appears that for couples renewing their Spain non lucrative visa, assets like an IRA can be collectively considered as proof of financial means if properly documented and translated.

This applies even if one spouse is the primary holder of the IRA. The consensus suggests that as long as the financial requirements are met collectively, couples are treated as a single unit in terms of financial proof for visa renewal.