Health insurance for visitors to USA

Are you traveling to the U.S.? Visitors insurance is a form of short-term health insurance for visitors to usa. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, visitors insurance also offers coverage against Covid. Insurance coverage can help protect you and your loved ones from high healthcare costs in the U.S. in case you need medical assistance for an injury, illness or accident. *This insurance is not valid for Spanish non-lucrative/golden visa application

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health insurance for visitors to usa

Highly Rated & Trusted health insurance for visitors to usa

VisitorsCoverage understands the travel insurance needs of the modern traveler. Our comprehensive one-stop shop for customers to browse, compare, and purchase travel insurance policies. Over a million happy customers have relied on our top-rated travel insurance plans to keep them safe and give them peace of mind.

health insurance for visitors to usa

health insurance for visitors to usa

FAQs about health insurance for visitors to usa

  1. Do you offer coverage related to COVID-19?
    • Yes, we provide insurance coverage specifically for COVID-19.
  2. What is the “Cancel for Any Reason” coverage?
    • It’s a type of coverage that offers flexibility for travelers, allowing them to cancel their trip for any reason.
  3. Do you provide insurance for all types of travelers?
    • Yes, we offer tailored insurance solutions for various types of travelers.
  4. How does your Claims Assistance Service work?
    • Our Claims Assistance Service is here to help when unexpected events occur during your travels.
  5. Have other customers had positive experiences with claims?
    • Yes, many of our customers have shared positive testimonials, especially highlighting the helpfulness of our customer service.
  6. Is there specific insurance for U.S. citizens visiting the U.S. from abroad?
    • Yes, we offer travel insurance options for U.S. citizens living abroad making short return trips to America.
  7. How does your COVID-19 travel insurance work?
    • Our COVID-19 travel insurance covers costs related to contracting COVID-19 during your travels.
  8. What is Travel Medical Insurance?
    • It provides medical coverage to international travelers to protect against unexpected injuries or illnesses during their trip.
  9. How can I understand what qualifies as a pre-existing condition in travel medical insurance?
    • We provide explainers and guidance on what qualifies as a pre-existing condition and other aspects of travel medical insurance.
  10. Are there destinations where travel insurance is mandatory?
    • Yes, we offer guidance on destinations where travel insurance is a requirement.
  11. How can I choose the best travel insurance plan for my needs?
    • We provide tips and tools to help you select the right insurance plan that fits your individual needs and budget.
  12. Can I purchase and manage my insurance plan online?
    • Absolutely! The entire insurance process, from shopping to managing the plan, can be done 100% online with us.
  13. How trusted is VisitorsCoverage?
    • We are trusted by over 1 million customers worldwide, have a 98% satisfaction rating, serve 176 countries, and have 17 years of experience in the industry.
  14. I’m a first-time buyer. Can you assist me?
    • Of course! We provide guidance for those purchasing insurance for the first time, especially for those bringing family to the U.S.