Internships in Spain

Seeking internships in Spain? Explore diverse programs in Madrid, Barcelona, and more. Boost your career with hands-on experience in Spain’s top industries.

Spain Internship has been connecting students, universities and companies since 2009. If you are looking for an internship abroad, we can help you! Find out about our internship programs abroad and how they work in our programs section.

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Plug into the heart of Spain as you learn and grow in its capital city of Madrid. This is the perfect place to complete an internship and boost your knowledge of business, communication and other specialized industries. Our strong academic focus and personalized placements dedicated to meaningful experiences that make a real impact, allow you to give your career a boost while gaining the international experience you’ve been seeking.

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Madrid, Barcelona, the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, the Mediterranean coast, and Andalusia are some of the most attractive regions of Spain and, obviously, perfect destinations to do a professional internship. If Spain is your destination, prepare for a training experience amongst countless cultural and gastronomic activities, kind people, history, nature, and music.

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Madrid is a hub for architecture, business, engineering, human resources and technology. Our Madrid internship program offers successful applicants the chance to gain new skills and invaluable professional experience in one of the most important cities in Europe. The internship opportunities are countless in Spain’s capital. Our Madrid internship program will make you stand out in competitive job markets around the world.

Our internships in Madrid span a vast range of career fields. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Apply today to speak with an Admissions Officer and find out what’s available in your field.

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