Mexican embassy appointments hassle free

Spanish consulate appointments

In general, you can schedule your Mexican embassy appointments on your own with the embassy or visa application center for FREE. However, if you are running short of time or not sure which embassy to apply to or have no idea on how to get this done yourself then not to worry, we will make the appointment for you and manage the process end to end for a small service fee!

Not sure where and how to book an earliest visa appointment slot? Don’t waste your valuable time. Leave it up to us! Just let us know your appointment preferences and we will use our resources and expertise to help you secure a slot that works best for you. It’s that simple! Only ONE appointment is allowed PER person. The service fee is per person. Group discounts are available.

In which embassy can I get Mexican embassy appointments?

You can schedule an appointment at any Mexican embassy in the world, regardless of the type of visa you need.

How does the visa appointment process work?

1) You provide your appointment preferences and basic personal details such as name, residence address, email, phone no, passport details etc

2) Pay the service fee

3) We will send you the order confirmation and visa appointment confirmation to your email

To book your visa appointment, click here.

What is your refund policy for booking visa appointments?

What you pay is the service fee to book visa appointments for you. The service fee is fully refundable only for the below conditions. The appointment service fee is non-refundable in all other circumstances not listed below:

1) If we can’t book an appointment for you
2) OR, If we receive a service cancellation request from you before the visa appointment has been made

Can I book multiple Mexican embassy appointments at the same embassy on different dates?

No. You can only book one appointment at an embassy at a time.

Attention! Student Visa applicants

Many students face challenges when booking flights, hotels, and insurance on their own, risking lost funds due to delayed appointments or visa rejections. We offer a flexible and cost-effective solution, providing supporting documents for your visa application and unlimited document revisions if your travel dates change.

How works:

a) You provide your basic travel details for flights(Departing city, arrival city, departure dates) and hotels(City, check in and check out dates) and submit the order and Pay only service fee

b) We will then send you reservations in an email pdf. You can use those reservations to get the visa

c) After you get the visa, you can make your own travel plans and purchase anything of your choice online 

a) Flights – Students (for 1 year study etc.,) are not required but recommended to show their return and intent. They can order a return flight reservation to support their documentation. We can help with the flight reservation to fit that purpose. Adequate documentation will strengthen their case. Get your flight reservations for visa here!

b) Hotels – Students are required to show proof of accommodation for a visa. It is advised to get temporary accommodations such as hotel bookings for 1 month and tell the officer during the interview that they will book longer term rentals, AirBnB, service apartments, etc after they arrive to Spain. It is hard to book 1 year or multi-year accommodation without knowing if you will get the visa. We can help with Hotel reservations from 1 to 2 months if needed for their visa purposes. Get your hotel bookings for visa here!

d) Get a discount for flight and hotel reservations combo and also additional group traveler discounts. Get your flight and hotel reservations for visa combo here!

e) Insurance – Students are required to carry Health Insurance that meets Schengen criteria. We normally advise them to get a short term insurance for 60 days and tell the embassy officer that they will get a long term insurance from local providers based on their needs and conditions after they get to Spain. Getting insurance from local providers will save a lot of time and effort for students should they fall sick and file claims later on while they are there. We help with providing Insurance that meets Schengen requirements. Get your Schengen compliant medical insurance here!

FAQ: Get Flight Itinerary and Hotel Booking For Visa Application – FAQ

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