Student medical insurance with Swisscare

Embarking on your academic path in Spain is an exhilarating step forward, and ensuring you have the right Student visa insurance Spain is crucial for your preparation. Swisscare is committed to providing a bespoke insurance solution that not only meets the student medical insurance requirements but also secures your peace of mind throughout your academic journey in Spain.

student medical insurance

Customized Medical Insurance for Students

Swisscare’s student medical insurance in Spain offers comprehensive benefits aimed at supporting your health and wellness during your educational journey:

  • Unlimited Surgical and Medical Hospitalization: Guarantees complete coverage for hospital stays and medical procedures, allowing you to focus on your health without worry about coverage caps.
  • Ambulance Services: Provides prompt and efficient transportation in emergency situations, ensuring you receive the fastest care possible.
  • Emergency Medical Care at Home: Designed for times when you need urgent medical attention but are unable to visit a healthcare facility.
  • Emergency Care Abroad: Extends your insurance protection outside of Spain, keeping you covered during international trips.
  • Repatriation of Mortal Remains: Offers respectful and dignified repatriation services in accordance with General Insurance Conditions, in the unfortunate event of death.

Meeting Spain Student Visa Insurance Requirements

Our student medical insurance plan is carefully crafted to meet all the Spanish student visa requirements without hassle, including:

  • No Co-payments
  • No Deductibles
  • No Waiting Periods

With immediate benefit access upon enrollment, your transition into Spanish life is made seamless.

Eligibility for Student Medical Insurance

This coverage is available to:

  • Foreign students
  • Foreign trainees and interns
  • Foreign au pairs
  • Foreign academics and researchers
  • Accompanying family members

All foreign nationals living in Spain for the purpose of study, holding a valid temporary resident permit and aged between 18 and 44 years, are eligible for this policy.

Securing Your Student Medical Insurance

Embark on your academic adventure in Spain with assurance. Swisscare is your trusted ally, offering comprehensive student medical insurance that supports a worry-free study experience in Spain.

FAQs on Student Medical Insurance

  • Is Swisscare accepted by Spanish Consulates? Yes, Swisscare’s collaboration with Clinicum Seguros S.A. ensures your coverage meets the student medical insurance requirements for the Spanish Student Visa, including a certificate of coverage necessary for consulate procedures.
  • What kind of student medical insurance is needed for a Spain student visa? Non-EU/EEA nationals are required to have approved medical insurance that covers their entire stay in Spain for the full length of their studies.
  • Do short-term students need a student visa? Students in Spain for less than 90 days may not need a student visa but may require a Schengen visa based on their nationality.
  • What about students studying for more than 90 days? Those in Spain for longer periods must secure a student visa, which is necessary for various educational activities.
  • Why is private student medical insurance recommended? It provides essential medical coverage necessary for obtaining a visa, along with additional benefits, making it highly recommended for comprehensive coverage during your stay in Spain, even for EU/EEA students who have the EHIC.

student medical insurance