In order for me to move to Spain, buy a house and live legally do I have to get Spain golden visa? Or there are other ways too?


In order for me to move to Spain, buy a house and live legally do I have to get Spain golden visa? Or there are other ways too?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“The short answer is there are lots of ways, but it depends on a lot of different things about you so it is really hard to give better advice than that without knowing more about you, what you want to do in Spain, etc.”

“You don’t have to buy a house. There are visa options for different situations and circumstances. If you say more about where you’re from, whether or not you have EU citizenship, whether you’re retired, self-employed or working, etc., then you might get some more specific help.”

“There are several visa options such as non lucrative visa, work visa, self employment visa, entrepreneur visa, Spain golden visa and who knows in the future maybe even digital nomad visa. If you go down the route of golden visa unique by property for €500,000 and only after that amount can you add any mortgage. So basically need €500,000 in the bank.”

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“Investigate the NLV – non-lucrative visa. It is the most common one for those who don’t need/want to work here. But if you want to work, then you will either need (1) a Spain golden visa, which will mean investing at least half a million euros in the country), or (2) a self-employment visa, for which you will need a very comprehensive business plan with forecasts of turnover, profit, clientele, employment for locals, etc plus resources as for the NLV, or (3) a working visa, where you need to be sponsored by an employer who swears that no EU citizen can be found who is capable of doing the job — difficult to get. Or you could maybe come on a student visa and graduate with a job. I’m afraid Spain isn’t generous with its immigration rules.”

“Don’t buy real estate until at least a year after getting here. Too many issues to list here, but you need to be very sure you understand the community and the property before you pull the trigger. Things are never what they seem and agents here are not licensed so a dozen agents will tell you that they represent a seller who is actually trying to sell on their own. Contact the wrong person and your price will be higher by their commission. There is no oversight so START WITH AN ATTORNEY. What you think you are buying may not include the lot and fences you see, but only the improvements in the legal description–an island surrounded by land not described as belonging to anyone. The neighbors might challenge your claim to your patio later–seriously. We walked away from such a finca when the seller could not get the neighbors to sign our agreement as to the fences shown. Also, in town you need to understand how garbage collections work or you will buy the apartment above the street dumpsters and I guarantee that you will know when the glass dumpster is emptied and when the local restaurant drops their wine and beer bottles after they close some time after midnight. Rent, enjoy, explore and then be very careful. You are welcome for this free advice that is worth just what you paid for it. Oh, and yes we took our own advice and should be moving in later this month–once the reform is completed. And, yes there are nearly always refroms to consider–another topic. Here is our balcony-almost completed and only after our TIE was approved for the next two years. That TIE is good for one year, so starting to look in year two is not a bad way to go. Just in case”

“Visa type information in this link for the Spanish Consulate in London (if you are from the UK).If not from UK then look up the Spanish Consulate in your home country.If a national from a member country of the EU then easier as no visa needed.…/Consulado/Pages/Visas.aspx

“There are visas for emplyoment. You should seek out specific advice relating to your home country from people who have experience of this. You can also make a separate post giving more specific information about your situation, your home country/nationality, the type of work, self employed or employed. Then you may get more usefull general information on what and how to do it and where to go for specialist advice.Taking Spainish citizenship is a separate possibility and has requirements such as having been resident in Spain for a certain number of years (so all visa types could support an application for Spanish citizenship). Again no one answer and depending on your nationality.”

“First read this from the NY Spain Consulate which is the one you would use because you live in Philly.…/CSNe…/Visas-New-York.aspx

“You can still buy a house as a non resident, you are just limited to how many months you can actually visit your property. Living there legally would be via one of many visa options the added advantage of also being held to enjoy the property that you have bought without any limitations in terms of how long you can stay in the country.”

In summary, there are various pathways for individuals seeking to move to Spain, purchase a house, and reside legally. While the Spain golden visa is a popular option that revolves around a substantial property investment, there are numerous alternatives to consider. These range from the non-lucrative visa to work and self-employment visas, depending on one’s circumstances, nationality, and intentions in Spain. Before making a decision, it is paramount to gather comprehensive information tailored to your specific situation, and if possible, consult with professionals like immigration lawyers. Buying property also warrants caution and thorough research, highlighting the importance of understanding local nuances, potential pitfalls, and seeking legal guidance before making any commitments.